Pokémon Generation 1 Damage Calculator

This is a Damage Calculator for Generation 1 Pokémon. It is in the form of an Excel document, so you'll need to have a program that can open an Excel file. If you don't have Microsoft Office, I'd recommend downloading OpenOffice Calc from the OpenOffice Suite. It's a perfect alternative. As of release, the latest version can be installed from here: Note that this only covers Generation 1. All other Generations have a slightly different calculation. If you have any problems with it, or find any errors, feel free to contact me on Twitter. (direct download)

By sk84uhlivinsk84uhlivin

Pokémon Stadium Damage Calculator

A (significantly) improved Damage Calc for Stadium, complete with Pokémon stats, moves and other calculations. (external link)

By quoquo




Pokémon Stadium - Gym Leader Castle Round 1

Splits for Pokémon Stadium - Gym Leader Castle Round 1. Included are subsplits with high quality split icons, and a subsplit layout. (direct download)

By sk84uhlivinsk84uhlivin

Werster's 1:36:53 in Sequential Order

Werster's 1:36:53 does the gyms in opposite of sequential order. I've made splits that arrange the gyms in proper order for someone doing a run in sequential order and wanting to compare against his run. Included are his splits, which include his arranged split times, best segments, and icons. They are modified to work in a subsplit format. Also included is a subsplit layout. (direct download)

By sk84uhlivinsk84uhlivin, wersterwerster