Emulator runs
5 years ago
Texas, USA

We are currently allowing emulator runs for the N64 and wii vc board. We are allowing the use of RetroArch (using the Mupen64Plus-Next core) for N64, and the latest stable release of Dolphin for Wii VC. All other emulators are banned because of improper emulation (Most of them don't even work properly anyways). FOR RUNS TO BE VALID, you MUST put the title bar of the emulator in the video to show program/version info https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/85936520933961728/404789114022658048/unknown.png This leaderboard change is tentative, meaning that we may change our minds in the future based on new information.

Currently, emulator runs will be capped off at 22:00 and 26:00 for any% and 100% respectively. They will also be hidden by default.

For more clarification on emulator runs, feel free to ask here, on the discord, or DM a mod

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