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Hello! So I've decided to try out speedrunning, I've loved the Pokemon games throughout most of my life so I was interested in learning the routes and maybe stream attempts after a good chunk of practice (I know, typical story, yada yada). There's a few things I'm rather unsure on and stuff I'd like advice for.

A.) Aside from when and how you get Nidoran Male, what are the major differences with the routes in Pokemon Red and Yellow (I know some fights are different such as Sabrina's team being easier to deal with in Yellow than in Red and the grass patches in Viridian Forest, just looking to find some more major differences)?

B.) I did a practice run of Yellow just to learn the route and such, but when I tried to do it in Red I hit a huge roadblock with the Mt. Moon manip, mainly this one: I've tried that manip for over an hour and I can barely get to TM01, what's some advice/tips for not only doing it successfully but to also do it consistently once I start doing runs?

C.) Is it normal to have notes when doing runs for DSum charts, stats to look for and strategy variations depending on the situation (e.g. crits, Vaporeon/Flareon in Yellow, DVs on the Nidoran Male)?

D.) What would be the easiest generation to speedrun? I've considered looking into Pokemon Crystal and Emerald but I'm still unsure

E.) After doing a couple "learning runs" in Pokemon Yellow (follow the beginner's guide while doing the run, consulting the guide when need be) and there's multiple points where I get uneasy such as trying to select moves as fast as I can. Same goes for inventory/item management or running out of items/pp. I start getting stressed that I'll make a huge mistake and will have to reset, what's a good way to alleviate this?


Off the top of my head one of the bigger differences between the Red/Yellow route will be Nidoran's learnset, in Yellow you get access to Double Kick quite early which allows it to take on Brock on its own.

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If you're uneasy about parts of the run, you may want to use savestates to try and practice all the menus - I use a separate set of splits for the parts I don't like and practice them regularly.

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