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Hi All
So I have been playing Pokémon Blue since it first came out (yes I'm old) and must have played through hundreds of times. I am also a bit of a 1st gen snob I'm afraid. I enjoyed Silver/Gold but I don't know enough about the pokemon, past that I am useless. But I have never attempted a speed run. In fact I had never run through a game with just 1 pokemon before. But after seeing a few videos of people doing it I thought I would give it a go. I used notes from this sites wiki page I think it was and played through the Nidoking route.

- I used an android emulator playing on my phone. I believe there is a PC one that you have to use for official runs??? Will need to look into that.
- I didn't do it all in one go as I didn't have that much time to spare so I did it in 3 bits over 3 days.
- I used the in game time, I didn't time it separately.

Other notes:
- I didn't use any RNG as I have no idea how to do that yet. I used save states to get a Nido quickly without wasting an hour so that is something I need to learn! I also had encounters in Rock tunnel to deal with. And any other RNG bits that I missed.
- I forgot to pick up Megapunch in Rock tunnel so I decided to make do without it. It meant an extra trip to the centre for PP after nugget bridge and a few places where I took extra damage as fights lasted more turns.
- I also didn't use the bike shop instant text thing as for a first time I didn't see the point in trying to save a few seconds there.

So all in all I finished with an in game time of 2 hours 17 mins. I was pretty happy with that for a first time. I was expecting 3 hours plus! I took a screenshot of the hall of fame screen so will post it up here when I can.

Practice will be coming and you never know I may just pop a time up on the leader board some time soon. If I ever find the time to do a full run through in one go. One other thing to mention is I don't think I had the best Nido. There were a few places where the guide assumed a 1 hit kill and I was leaving them alive so maybe some time to gain there too!

Look forward to chatting with you guys!


Pratice makes perfect, and so does studying. I recommend looking at Exarion's guide for this game as he goes into detail with the rng manips and the route. His guide is what I used with my runs. My runs suck, but I just need more pratice. Also, the emulator you need to download is gambatte speedrun r649. You also need to download a GBC Bios Image.I recommend getting a USB game controller or something so you don't have to use a keyboard. Also get a screen recorder application (I use OBS 64 bit) and a speedrun timer (I recommend WSplit as it can run on older PCs) You need to record runs and the timer to time your runs. You can look up these things in google and find the download links. You can also look for tutorials on youtube for OBS, WSplit, and Gambatte Speedrun r649. You can also submit the run with a Youtube Link or Twitch Link, whatever you prefer to do speedruns on. OBS can record, and/or live stream, which is why I recommend it. I use Youtube because I don't a good enough internet to stream on twitch. Hope this guide helps.


Thanks for your reply. Exarion's guide is the one I used to go through the run. I have learnt a bit about rng (well the Nido one at least). It's pretty straight forward but isn't working for me. I think the ROM I am using isn't good for it as it is a colour one and as you move between Viridian and the route there is a tiny pause while the screen colour changes....
Might also be the emu im using. I tried it on a good old game boy and cartridge and it worked!
Time to practice.


Game Boy and cartridge will also do just fine. Just be sure when recording, have a way for game play and audio to be clearly captured. I recommend a Game Boy Advance SP as it has back-light. If you don't have one, just think of a way to capture game play on the old gameboy of yours. From my experience, it is quite difficult to capture gameplay of a console without back light on my camera that I have pointed at the system.


You can use emulator and its accurate for Gen 1 if you use the gambatte current release found in resources tab.

For console use a gamecube, with a gameboy player attached, then you can insert the red cartridge. I use a cord nintendo made to then hook my gameboy SP to use as the controller. You also need a video capture device. I play on a CRT and use splitters on my gamecapture device so I can record it but look at my CRT for gameplay.