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Hey guys,

In this video Chris and Shenanigans use a patch that lets them start in the Safari Zone. Is this patch publicly available and, if so, compatible with using a randomizer?



I'm also looking for this (Start in Safari Zone + Random). I created an account just to bump this. I'm surprised nobody else wants this ROM


Randomizer - - can't tell if you already know about this or if it's just the starting location you want to add to a randomizer

How to make a ROM - - also see desc of Shen's video.

Once you have the ROM, before you hit New Game go to the options menu - Page 2 and change the 'STARTIN' option to Safari.

Hopefully that gives you enough info.


Did anyone manage to do it? I couldn't find the ROM


see the post literally right above yours


The link to the bingo ROM (in the description of the video & in the video) no longer exists- It just takes me to a dead forum