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Thanks for the Info eddaket.
Well guys, as i said i'm up for it. What should wenn call the category?
Retro NSC
NSC no manip
Fun NSC 😛
running NSC out of ideas...

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let's go with NSC no manip that should be good. message me some runs and ill set up a leaderboard. ill come up with a run too ill just have to wait for exams to finish.

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the dm feature has not yet landed, how can i reach out to you?


huh just thought it would work because it's there. Ok guys just send me an email with the time, version and preferably a link to a video of the run. ill set up the board when I have two runs
email me your runs at Optimal_Velocity@outlook.com


Do we wanna do RTA or Ingametime, only got a run from a recent stream, where i didn't do RTA

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I think RTA would be only fair (also why not call it nsc no rom manip)


hey, folks just to clarify the main point of this run is to have a no ram manip run this meaning that the item underflow glitch is altogether banned. my idea when I posted this was to create a run that is a bit more substantial than the current NSC run but still with glitches.
I agree with Bogi that we should call it NSC no ram Manip and we should do RTA. any glitch but item underflow(or any other ram manip glitches) is allowed. Happy running!