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So anytime I hard reset using the new required Gambatte Speedrun emulator, I cannot manage to get Chancy to show up during the trainer ID manip, regardless of what I do. Clearly to even use the emulator I have the proper bios, what else could I be missing?

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Under settings, do you have gbc rng ticked? Because you shouldn't.


I've tried it with and without the tick, just not working. I've also tried it with Release 597 (or whatever it is) and 600. Still same effect. I get a Jolteon instead of a Chancy. It doesn't matter too much since in >2 weeks I'll be on an actual Gameboy but for the time being I'm trying to get this to work.


I too have had this problem and I have been getting the jolteon. I have also been having troubles preforming nido manip, even though i can consistently get it on BGB.


ok so i had this problem for a lil too. check the rng setting then switch roms, switch back to red/blue, uncheck it then hard reset. make sure youre using Gamebatte-speedrun r600 and running a ligit rom of the game, and also that youre using the right bios.


My Solution this afternoon was to delete my download of Gambette and redownload it. After numerous attempts prior of what @Graystripe said, that's the only thing that worked for me.


Where I can download Pokemon Red for Gambatte-Speedrun ? Please.