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Hey could someone help me out with OBS. not sure how to get it to capture the top of the window. Whenever I put window capture on it automatically crops it.


In Properties -> Entire Window instead of Inner Window.


Still not popping up with anything. This is on OBS studio if that makes any difference 😕


What program are you using to play Pokémon, I found that gambatte emulator was the only one that would show the top of the window


Tried it with BGB, not given gambatte a try yet. Reinstalling windows right now but I'll try it afterwards. 🙂


I found it didn't work for me either, I had to get a monitor capture which sucks 😛


This sadly is intended behaviour of OBS Studio. They dropped the feature to capture window borders (aka the full window) for Studio. You either have to live with monitor capture or switch to the (apparently worse) OBS classic.


Yeah I've resorted to Monitor capture now. Thanks anyways for the help guys. 😛