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I will just jump right into it i would like to start speedrunning Pokemon red/blue.

What system is allowed? (Are emulators accepted for official speedruns)
What is the preferred system and where can I purchase it?

Any other beginner tips and things I should know are welcome.



I recommend you use emulator. It is the easiest to set up (plus it is free) and also, be sure to learn manips, especially the nidoran manip. You can get away without the other ones, like Mt.moon manip, but be sure to get the nidoran one. There are many different manips you can try out.


hello! this is not metal gear solid but is in fact pokemon red and blue. you might be a bit confused but it is understandable considering the similar premises of the games. metal gear solid is a stealth game while pokemon red and blue is a turn based role playing game! so they are completely different types of video games. please forgive me for butting in, as i have abandonment syndrome due to my parents not loving me!

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