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Hey I am a noob (I finished red and blue many times but I did it the noob ways (tortank lvl90 :') ).

I want to learn to speedrun and started with a tutorial that explains the rng manip to get a good nidoran. But my emulator does not show the gameboy starting screen. So my question is what emulator allows for the rng manip ?

Also I saw most people doing the manip pressed the direction they want to go as fast as possible. Does that affect the rng or can i go step by step ?

And one last thing.
Anybody knows what kind of manip shenanigan used to get nidoran ?



First thing is you will need to go to and the very top thing gambatte-speedrun is the link to the only EMU allowed for pokemon speedrun.

Next I would suggest going to emu paradise and you can easily find the "gbc_bios" file you will need, this will make it so the gameboy appears when you reset. Once you download that file you can open the gambatte-speedrun emu, then under setting click select GBC bios image, and pick that file.

Here is a video to the nidoran manip and here is the tiles you press A on . Note that shenanigan was trying to do the nido manip I posted a video to but he did the incorrect movement and while he got a nidoran it was not the godnido you can get from doing the manip. This leads to your next question.

You cannot do the RNG manips step by step either, it has to be done frame perfect without stopping.

Now you just need to watch the video and look at the A press map and follow the video exactly, keep practicing and you will get it down in no time!

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Thanks a lot i'll go and train my a press then 😃


I'm also new to speedrunning.
What release for Gambattle-speedrun is allowed? Or what release should i pick?
In release 5 (12 Aug 2018) there is two .zip files. r649-others and r649-psr, which should i pick?


Just pick the psr one.


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PSR = Pokemon Speedrun for any newbies