[OUTDATED] Any% Glitchless (basic) - Exarion - April 4th 2018

By ExarionExarion. Last updated

Properly formatted version: https://pastebin.com/pQHsPFJ1


IMPORTANT NOTE: This guide assumes you know how to beat the game normally. It is extremely difficult to follow a speedrunning guide if you haven't beaten the game or watched others beat it. If you don't know the basic steps for beating the game, such as how to reach the Elite Four, I recommend learning this before doing runs.

- Clear any existing save file by pressing Up+B+Select on the title screen
- Set text speed to FAST, battle animation to OFF and battle style to SHIFT

- Give your character and your rival a 1-character name

- Choose Squirtle, and give it a 1-character name
- Rival battle: Tail Whip once, then spam Tackle (use a second Tail Whip if you get Growled turn 1)

- Kill a Lv. 2-3 Rattata or Lv. 2-3 Pidgey using Tackle. You need the experience to get Bubble for Brock
- When walking down to deliver Oak's Parcel, cut through the second-to-last patch of grass if you haven't yet fought an encounter

- When delivering the parcel, walk behind Prof. Oak so your rival takes fewer steps in the cutscene

- Buy 6 Poke Balls
- After exiting the mart, save and hard reset on this tile: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/1#67,182
> On emulator, hard reset using a hotkey
> On console, hard reset by pressing the reset button (or turning the console off and on)
- RNG manipulate a Lv. 4 Nidoran encounter by replicating the inputs in this video:
> The manip has a 1/60 chance to produce a Lv. 4 Rattata on the desired tile
> The manip has a 1/60 chance to produce no encounter on the desired tile
> The manip has a 1/60 chance to produce an unrunnable Nidoran (17 HP instead of 18 at Lv. 4)
> The manip has a 1/60 chance to produce a slightly worse, but still runnable, Nidoran (13 Defense instead of 14 at Lv. 😎
> The manip has a 2/60 chance to produce a Nidoran that does not get in the ball with perfectly executed inputs
> If the Nidoran breaks out, or you're not confident in throwing the ball perfectly, Tackle it twice before throwing a ball
> If the manip fails, you might have gotten one of the 1/60 chances, aka IGT0s. Re-save to get a new chance
> Give the Nidoran a 1-character name
> A faster, more difficult manip can be found here:
- Get the hidden tree Potion: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/1#54,166

- Follow this path (only red tiles can produce encounters): http://i.imgur.com/3o7klcA.png
- Get the Antidote: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/51#25,11
- Get the hidden Potion: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/51#1,18
- Heal to 10+ HP for Weedle Guy
- Weedle Guy: Tail Whip x2, Tackle x4-6. If you get poisoned, wait until after the fight to use the Antidote. If you fall below 7 HP, use a Potion
- After the fight:
> Switch Nidoran to the front
> Heal to 17+ HP
> Heal poison if necessary

- Save before Brock
- Brock:
> Immediately switch to Squirtle
> Geodude: Bubble x2-3
> Switch to Nidoran after killing Geodude, then immediately switch to Squirtle
> Onix: Bubble x2-3. If Onix uses Bide on the turn you switch to Squirtle, use Tail Whip twice, then Bubble
> Onix does 6 damage with Tackle

- Go the mart
- Change the battle style option from SHIFT to SET
- Buy 8 Potions

- You need to use one fewer Horn Attack than what's listed below, so finish enemies with Tackle when it will kill
- Bug Catcher 1: Leer+Horn Attack+Horn Attack on all three
- Heal to full and save before the Youngster (aka Shorts Guy)
- Shorts Guy: Leer+HA+HA on both
> Quick Attack does 8-10 (13-16 critical, or after a Tail Whip)
> Wrap does 3 (4 critical, or after a Tail Whip)
- Fight the Bug Catcher below, not the Lass above
- Bug Catcher 2: HA+HA, HA+HA+HA, HA+HA, HA+HA+HA
- Bug Catcher 3: HA+HA, HA+HA+HA+HA
- Catch a Spearow or a Pidgey in the grass patch ahead. Use Poison Sting to weaken Lv. 5 Spearows, Horn Attack to weaken Lv. 8 Pidgeys and Tackle to weaken everything else
- Take the center before Mt. Moon
> You can skip this with 3+ Horn Attacks, but you have to use Potions to heal, and the Moon fights are a bit tougher

- As soon as you enter Mt. Moon, save and hard reset
- RNG manipulate a Paras encounter by replicating the inputs in this video:
> This manip has a 4/60 chance to produce a bad early encounter (meaning you won't get the Paras)
> The manip has a 1/60 chance to produce an early Paras (you should weaken this one, since you won't get the normal one)
> The manip has a 1/60 chance to produce a Paras on the desired tile that does not get in the ball with perfectly executed inputs
> If the Paras breaks out, or you're not confident in throwing the ball perfectly, Poison Sting it once before throwing a ball
> This manip requires a lot of practice. You can do runs without it while learning, but you'll eventually want to attempt it
> If the manip fails, it might have been due to RNG. You can either continue as normal and perform a backup Paras manip at the end of Mt. Moon, or re-save to get a new chance
- Rocket: HA+HA(+PS), HA+HA(+HA)
> Zubat does 6-8 with Leech Life (10-12 after 1 Tail Whip). Consider healing or switching if you're at low HP or confused
- One tile before the Super Nerd:
> Use the Rare Candy to reach L16 and evolve
> Teach Water Gun over Tackle
> Use the Moon Stone
> Teach Mega Punch over Leer
- Super Nerd: HA+HA, MP(+PS), MP+HA
- Choose the Helix Fossil
- If you don't have a Paras, use this backup manip:
> This Paras does not get in the ball with perfect inputs, so you should Horn Attack it first

- Take the center
- Go to the bike shop, talk to the guy, and mash B to get instant text
> NOTE: You will lose instant text whenever you open a menu. Try to avoid healing or switching before Bill's house
- Get the hidden Rare Candy: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/1#235,44

- Rival: HA+HA+HA, HA, MP, MP+HA
- Bug Catcher: MP x2
- Lass: MP(+PS), HA+HA
- Heal to 12+ HP
- Youngster: MP x3
- Lass: MP(+PS), HA+HA
- Heal to 15+ HP
- Jr. Trainer: HA+PS
- Rocket: MP x2 (HA the Zubat if you have <7 Mega Punch PP)

- Bottom Hiker: WG
- Lass: MP, HA+HA
- Bottom Hiker: WG x2, MP(+HA), WG
- Lass: MP, HA, MP (HA Oddishes with 0-2 Mega Punch PP)
> Learn Thrash over Water Gun
- Get the hidden Ether: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/1#288,3
- Say yes to Bill (you'll lose instant text here)
- After the Bill cutscene:
> Heal to full
> Candy to L24
> Escape Rope back to Cerulean

- Get instant text from the bike shop again
- Walk through the Dig house to fight the Rocket (Thrash x2-4)
- Hop the ledge and enter the gym

- Jr. Trainer: Thrash+Thrash
- Misty: Thrash, Thrash+Thrash(+Thrash)
> If you get confused, sacrifice your flier (if flier is dead, sacrifice Paras)

- If you have <16 HP:
> Potion once
> Get instant text again (also do this if you lost IT in the gym)
- Walk through the Dig house again, and continue south toward Vermilion

- Enter the building in the southeast corner, and take the stairs to the underground path
- Get the hidden Full Restore: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/119#3,4

- Walk through the left grass to avoid the Bug Catcher on the right
- Jr. Trainer-F: Thrash x3
- Heal to 3+ HP
- Jr. Trainer-M: Thrash x2

- Go to the S.S. Anne

- Heal to 17+ HP
- Take the left stairs, then go down and right to meet your rival
- Rival: HA+HA, MP, Thrash, Thrash+Thrash. If you get Sand-Attacked, sacrifice your weakest slave
- Get HM01 from the captain, then leave and head to the gym

- Go to the mart (you'll lose instant text here)
- Sell all Poke Balls and the Nugget. Also sell TM34 if you have your Antidote
- Buy 3 Repels
- On the tile before the Cut bush:
> Heal to 25+ HP
> Teach TM11 (Bubblebeam) over Poison Sting
> Swap your slot 1 item with Repels
> Teach HM01 (Cut) to Paras
> Teach TM28 (Dig) to Paras
> Cut the bush
- Save and hard reset on this tile: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/1#235,199
- RNG manipulate the trash cans puzzle by replicating the inputs in this video:
> The manip has a 3/60 chance to fail
> You don't need to be frame perfect after talking to the first can
> If the manip fails, use this guide to solve the puzzle normally: http://i.imgur.com/mCgVe4w.png

- Surge: HA+BB, Thrash, Thrash+Thrash

- Go to the house above the gym, talk to the chair of the fan club to get the Bike Voucher, then Dig back to Cerulean

- Get the Bicycle from the bike shop
- After leaving the shop:
> Swap your slot 2 item with the Bicycle
> Teach TM24 (Thunderbolt) over Horn Attack
> Get on the bike and head east to Route 9, cutting the two bushes in your way

- Jr. Trainer: MP, Thrash x3
> If you get paralyzed, use your Full Restore after the fight (not during)
- Bug Catcher: BB, Thrash x2-3

- Map: http://wiki.pokemonspeedruns.com/index.php/Pok%C3%A9mon_Red/Blue/Rock_Tunnel
- Use a Repel one step after entering
- Pokemaniac 1: BB, TB
- Pokemaniac 2: TB
- Heal to 6+ HP; save if below 20 HP
- Jr. Trainer: Thrash x2-4. If you get paralyzed, use your Full Restore
- Use your second Repel somewhere near the yellow tile on the map above
- Use your third Repel on the blue/yellow tile immediately before the Hiker
- Hiker: BB x3
- Jr. Trainer: Thrash x3
> Pidgey does 5 with Quick Attack
- After exiting, head south to Lavender Town and west to Route 8

- Gambler: BB(+Thrash), Thrash
> Vulpix does 4 with Quick Attack
- Take the underground path to Celadon City
- Pick up the hidden Elixer in the underground: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/121#21,5

- Bike to the mart
> 2F: Buy TM07, then buy 3 Super Potions and 10 Super Repels
> 4F: Buy 1 Poke Doll
> 6F: Buy 1 Soda Pop. Give it to the girl for TM48, then buy 1 more Fresh Water
> 5F: Buy 11 X Accuracy, 2 X Special and 5 X Speed
> Take the elevator to 1F, then leave
- Bike west, cut the bush, then go through the building and get HM02 from the girl in the house
- Upon exiting the house:
> Swap your slot 2 item with Super Repels
> Teach TM48 (Rock Slide) over Mega Punch
> Use a Super Repel
> Swap your slot 3 item with X Accuracies
> Teach HM02 (Fly) to your flier
> Fly to Lavender, and walk to the tower

- Rival: TB x2, BB, Thrash, Thrash+Thrash
> Ivysaur does 10-12 with Vine Whip
- Channeler (4F): Rock Slide x2
- Get the Elixer item ball: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/145#12,10
- Get the hidden Elixer: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/146#4,12
- Take the free heal on 5F
- Channeler (6F): Rock Slide
- Channeler (6F): Rock Slide
- Teach TM07 (Horn Drill) over Rock Slide
- Get the Rare Candy that blocks the way, then enter the Ghost battle and escape using the Poke Doll
- Rocket 1: TB x3
- Rocket 2: X Acc, Drill x2
- Rocket 3: TB x2, Thrash x2-3
- Talk to Mr. Fuji to warp to his house

- Talk to Mr. Fuji again to get the Poke Flute, then walk out and Fly to Celadon City

- Take the center, then bike to Silph Co.

- Take the stairs to 5F
- Get the Elixer in the tree: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/210#12,3
- Walk down and talk to the Rocket
- Rocket: Thrash+Thrash(+Thrash)
- Take the teleporter to 9F, then take it back to 5F
- Get the Card Key: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/210#21,16
- Use your Full Restore if paralyzed
- Take the teleporter to 9F, then take it back to 5F, then open the door to your left
- Take the teleporter to 3F
- Walk right, then up, then open the door to your left, and take the teleporter to 7F
- Once on 7F, walk one step up, then left to meet your rival
- Silph Rival: X Acc, X Speed, Drill x5
- Use an Elixer
- Take the teleporter to 11F
- Rocket: X Acc, BB, Drill x2
- Giovanni: X Acc, Drill x2, BB, Drill
- Backtrack to 3F, then take the elevator to 10F
- Get TM26: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/234#2,12
- Get the Rare Candy: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/234#4,14
- Dig out

- Bike west
- On the tile before the Snorlax:
> Use a Super Repel
> Swap your slot 5 item with X Speeds
> Use the Poke Flute
- Run from the Snorlax

- Get the hidden Rare Candy: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/1#125,148
- Get the hidden PP Up: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/1#127,206
- After exiting the building:
> Teach TM26 (Earthquake) over Thrash
> Use the PP Up on Horn Drill
> Bike to the Safari Zone

- Map: http://i.imgur.com/oBebL5z.jpg
- Upon entering, Super Repel and get on the bike
- Get the Full Restore: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/217#21,10
- Use another Super Repel around this tile: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/218#28,7
- Get the Gold Teeth: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/219#19,7
- Get HM03 from the guy in the house, then walk outside and Dig back to Celadon

- Fly to Fuchsia, then bike to the gym

- Walk as far right as you can, then up, then talk to the Juggler that faces right
- Juggler 1: EQ x4
- Heal to 47+ HP (but ideally no higher than 80)
- Hug the east wall, then the north wall, then walk down into the Juggler's vision
- Juggler 2: EQ, EQ+TB
- Koga: EQ x3, then use an Elixer on Weezing
> If Koga uses an X Attack, stall with X Accuracy (TB if he X Attacks again)
> The goal is to die to Selfdestruct, but it's OK if you don't

- After exiting the gym:
> Use a Super Repel
> Swap your slot 6 item with X Specials
> Teach HM03 (Surf) to Squirtle
> Use 3 Rare Candies to reach Lv. 43 (and revive Nidoking into red bar)
> Bike east to the warden's house
- Get HM04 from the warden, then Fly to Pallet Town

- Walk to the water, and Surf south to Cinnabar Mansion

- Use a Super Repel a few steps after entering
- Head straight up and take the stairs
- On the next floor, go right five steps, then go up and take the stairs
- On the next floor, go down to activate the switch, then continue down to fall through the hole
- After falling, go left and down to dodge the Scientist, then take the stairs to the right
- Get TM14: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/216#19,25
- Activate the switch to the left, then follow the path to the northeast corner to activate the second switch
- Teach HM04 to Squirtle (over Tackle) and TM14 (Blizzard) to Nidoking (over Bubblebeam)
- Get the Secret Key: http://pokeworld.herokuapp.com/rb/216#5,13
- Dig out, then bike to the Celadon Gym

- Hug the left wall, then cut the bush in the top-left corner
- Beauty: Blizzard (use Poke Flute if put to sleep)
- Erika: EQ, Blizzard, EQ
- Walk out, then Fly to Cinnabar and bike to the gym

- Questions: ABBBAB
- Blaine: X Acc, EQ, Drill x3 (Drill Growlithe if Blaine uses a Super Potion)
- Dig out, then bike to the Saffron Gym

- Teleporters: top-left, bottom-left, bottom-left
- Sabrina: EQ x4
- Dig out, then Fly to Viridian and bike to the gym

- Go left 2 tiles, then up to fight the first required trainer
- Cooltrainer: EQ
- Continue left, then save before the next fight
- Blackbelt: X Acc, Drill, Blizzard, Drill
- Exit and re-enter the gym to reset Blackbelt's position and clear the path to Giovanni
- Use an Elixer
- Giovanni: EQ x4, Blizzard(+Blizzard)

- Use a Super Repel, then bike west to Route 22

- Rival: X Acc, X Speed, Blizzard(+Blizzard), Blizzard, TB, EQ x2, Drill
- Bike to Route 23

- Bike to the water
- After exiting the water, use another Super Repel and bike to Victory Road

- Maps:
> 1F: http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/5/56/Victory_Road_1F_RBY.png
> 2F: http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/1/11/Victory_Road_2F_RBY.png
> 3F: http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/e/e5/Victory_Road_3F_RBY.png
- Use Strength upon entering
- Push the boulder on the left onto the switch on the right, then bike to the ladder in the top-left corner
- On the next floor:
> Use Strength again
> Push the boulder below onto the switch
> Bike up the steps so you're hugging the north edge, then use a Super Repel
> Bike right, then down the steps, then right and up to the ladder
- On the next floor:
> Use Strength again
> Push the boulder up 2 tiles, left a bunch, then onto the switch
> Bike to the boulder in the bottom-right corner, push it down the hole, then go down the hole
- Use Strength one last time, use your last Super Repel, then get on your bike and push the boulder onto the switch in the bottom-left
- Bike toward where you fell down, and follow the ladders to the exit

- Deposit Squirtle and Paras into the PC
- Buy 5 Full Restores (can skip if you have 2)

- Lorelei: Switch to your flier, let it die, then X Acc, Drill x5 (Dewgong will always use Rest turn 2)
- Elixer and save before fighting Bruno
> If below 20 HP, use a Full Restore, and save before Agatha instead
- Bruno: X Acc, Drill x5
- Use a Full Restore if you didn't before Bruno
- Agatha: X Special, EQ, Blizzard, EQ x3
> If you get put to sleep, use the Poke Flute immediately
> If you miss Blizzard, switch to TB
> If you get Hazed, use an X Speed on Haunter
> The second Gengar outspeeds you and has Night Shade (60 damage)
- Stop at least two steps before Lance, and do the following:
> Heal to 129+ HP
> Use the Ether on Horn Drill
> Save
- Lance: X Special, TB, Blizzard, X Speed, Blizzard, TB, Blizzard
> If you run out of Blizzards, TB the Dragonite
- Heal to 55+ HP
- Champion: X Speed, X Acc, Drill x6. If Pidgeot charges Sky Attack on turn 1, use a Full Restore