Having problems doing nido manip on emulator
Kentucky, USA

Hey guys, I'm pretty new, and have been trying to do nido manip but having some problems.

I can't seem to replicate it.

I'm including a picture link to my emulator running and the bios file and gambatte file to verify that im not using the wrong bios or Gambatte version.


If its not those, than its me, just wondering! thanks.


manip doesn't work so he blames the game

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Firstly, he didnt blame the game, and secondly dont listen to that guy he doesnt even have a PSR time.

Manips are very tricky to learn and take a lot of practice to get it down exactly. Just have to keep trying it over and over. Another thing that helps is imagine you are picking up an item on the tile you need to press A during the manip. You can actually press it before stepping onto the tile and hold it, then release A while on the tile.

Kentucky, USA

@chillmagic420 Thank you for the response. Faulheit can go suck it

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Why thank you Dirty Dan the pizza man good luck on the runs go fuck yourself :D

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Why the fuck is there a whole argument going on these 2 And I can't replicate on yellow on an physical emulator That's the only one I have Because my computer won't turn on