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Hello! Need help with RNG manip.

I've read the guides (I know enough RNG to get the ID), but the movement (before the starter) is beyond me. So I'd like to make my own movement that would be doable for my skill level. So then I actually managed to get a good Piplup with a different seed and delay.

But now, I don't know how to proceed and RNG the Kricketune with Metronome and get Pokerus. RNG Reporter does not show whether the Pokemon has an item or not or how to get Pokerus. The lua scripts also do not show enough information. (Though I don't know what the loadline does)

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I'd recommend joining the Discord and asking questions in the platinum channels there, as there's a lot to go through. But to give a quick rundown:

1) We have our own version of RNG Reporter that allows you to search for Pokerus frames as well

2) Held items are still something we can't search for in our rng reporter, some people made their own scripts that allowed them to search for it, but neither of them are really active. If you're committed to your current seed though, the best bet would be to boot up the ultimate rng lua and look at encounters

(I don't believe either of these are in the resources, we really should put them up)

3) Loadlines show where the loadlines are (duh) which is relevant for manipulating encounters as when you pass over loadlines often loads more NPCs on screen which advances the RNG in different paths.

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Ok, thanks! Just joined the Discord and applied. Hope to learn more from there.