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Here are the rules for the 100% category:

-Timing is done by real time.
-Timing starts after selecting "Play in Pokepark".
-Timing ends on the first full black frame after the text after beating Mew in the Chase skill game for the second time. You must have all friends and have viewed the special cutscene as well.
-S + Q is allowed.
-The 100% definition requires to fully upgrade Pikachu's stats, complete the friend list, and obtain all bonuses in all attractions.
-Best Friend entries in the Friend List are not required.
-Runs must be done on the English version.
-Password features are required (Surfboard, Balloons and Snowboard only).
-Passwords can be added after creating the file and before doing the run.

If there's anything that's wrong or that I'm missing, please let me know.

Edits: Changed the rules and the post to match the current ruleset.

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Since I'm the only one who runs 100% and have done recorded runs, I'll link them here as an unofficial 100% tab for LB and as a guide for anybody else who wants it.

x/xx/14 - 7:3x:xx [Former WR] by heero_fred

8/14/16 - 7:29:02 [Former WR] (Former Timing Method) by deathline

8/27/16 - 7:20:08 [Former WR] (Former Timing Method) by deathline
(Part 1)
(Part 2)

11/20/16 - 7:24:54 [WR] by deathline


1. deathline | 7:24:54 | 11/20/16
2. heero_fred | 7:3x:xx | x/xx/14
3. SmashEBrada | 7:52:21 | 5/20/17


Not that it matters or anyone cares, but I beat 100% in 7:52:21 and I just want to announce that.
Sadly, there's no video.


IDK. Guess us Americans are too proud to run any other version of this.
Maybe someone could change the rules for our buddy in Berlin?


It's just Pokemon Speedruns rules. If you notice, the only language allowed for most games are English. Some games have JP categories, and some allow any language (Stadium, Ranger, Snap, probably a couple others), but most games are English only to keep a consistent amount of text in every game


Well, there ya have it. My fellow Texan has spoken.


Why is this not an official category


Probably because the moderaters never look at this game and won't answer our replies.

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@SmashEBrada - You're free to post a pic of your IGT if you want. IGT in 100% should be down to the same minute (give 1 if you're close to a new minute).
@Mewshmallow - The reason why 100% isn't an actual category is because there aren't enough recorded runs of it. There are 3 known runs, as of now. My recorded WR, heero_fred's unrecorded 7:3x:xx, and Smash's unrecorded 7:52. If there were more recorded runs, it may be more feasible to ask the LB mods to consider making it an "official" category.


For legacy purposes just in case:

- 1st run (8:02:01) 1/11/19

Did this as a race with MozzarellaCheez (9:45:54 but some of the video got corrupted) and Cinderdog (DNF due to capture card failure at Rotom)

- 2nd run (7:30:35) 1/21/19

Did this as a race with Cinderdog (8:38:30 with capture card failure towards the end but used webcam footage for the last 15 minutes or so) and Robthegamer115 (8:38:01 with a few OBS crashes)

Probably will do this race again cuz I want a better time and Cinder wants a run with no capture card issues.

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