Should I speedrun this game?
2 years ago

Hello! I just made my account today, but I have been thinking about attempting speedrunning for a while now. I decided that I want to speedrun this game because I have the most fond memories of this game. Is this game not good for new speedrunners? Let me know cause I will probably make a decision based on what you say.

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North Carolina, USA

It is a pretty simple run for new runners, I recommend it! Feel free to ask questions on the discord as well!

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United States

The game is really easy to run. So long as you have a rough knowabout of where pokemon are located, the run is simple to complete. Deathline's route in guides will help ya a lot to get going. They also have a tutorial guide in resources for extra help.

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Minnesota, USA

Yeah go for it, one of the easiest games to speedrun. Consistency and like a couple chase skill games are the only thing remotely challenging about park runs.