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I want to get into running this game, but I need to know what really is put into the game for a run? (If you can tell me skills to practice, routes I should pay attention to, anything helpful)

(edited: ) - This is the any% route based on watching Kobral's run. Practice what you see here, then put it together in runs.


Thanks for the advice! I don't know if I can run this game because I may or MAY NOT, have lost my copy...
I will keep looking, and thanks for the route!


JIC you want to run 100% a link is in the forums


Just for clarification, glitches are allowed in this right?
The same question regarding the use of Emulators (I'm using Dolphin 5.0-8789, should be within the rules) and more specifically: Using an Emulated Wii Remote instead of a real one.

I'm pretty much new to this and thought this would be a fun game to run, so I don't wanna start off breaking some rules, sorry if some questions are dumb!



As far as glitches go, for the most part they are fine, that being said the only real glitch I know of in this game is Tepig/Pikachu Clipping, which is used once in the Any% run. Any major game breaking glitches found would be discussed by PSR mods and then categories and/or rulings would be adjusted as needed.

I'm not positive on development builds of Dolphin, but I do know that the standalone stable version of 5.0 is the one allowed per PSR ruling. For more useful information from someone who knows more about this than I do (lol), feel free to ask in the PSR Discord under the #speedrunning-help channel. You can find the server invite in this thread if you're aren't already in the Discord server: