Overworld Movement Advice

Hi guys, I'm new to speedrunning and to the forums, but I was wondering is there a way to tailor overworld movement so that encounter rates are lowered? In particular, Route 102, in the patch of grass skipping the Bug Catcher, is there a route that lowers encounter rates? Cheers

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As far as i know, RNG manipulation on the overworld has not been discovered, but if you just want a statistical advantage, you should use the D-pad. this allows you to run through grass at perfect 45 degree intervals. As far as routing your movements, its a case by case, but usually you want to move through the grass at a 90 degree angle since every patch of grass is a possible encounter and you hit twice as many if you move diagonal.

you also have to weigh risk vs reward with your route. For example the WR run has the player going on the beach on route 104 to avoid grass. this takes about 6 seconds, but has no risk of encounter, were as if you go through the grass it saves 5 seconds, but risks an encounter or two which cost 16 seconds each

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4 years ago

In Gen 7, at least, you will get minimal encounters if you switch between walking and running at couple-second intervals. It may just be coincidence, but I have been able to find a couple movement routes in Gen 6 and 7 games that for me give no encounters, so I suggest try everything.