Any % Glitchless (Cyndaquil)

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DETAILED GUIDE (includes some damage calcs and is a lot more wordy in places):


Some things to be aware of
¤Overworld movement is mostly the same as Totodile route, with some minor additions or changes, which will be explained in detail, such as a different Kanto Gym order, for example.
¤The GSC Helper program IS compatible with Cyndaquil route (use the Silver tab). It is recommended to check stats and input them on the program whenever you have a chance early on, as some fights, shopping, and order of events can change depending on your DVs.
¤There are separate guides on spinner mechanics and trainer AI available either here or on the pokemonspeedrun forums, and you can always ask someone on Discord, too!

- Set options (OFF/FAST/SET)
- 9 am, 1-letter name for the Player

- Mom conversation: Sunday, no DST, yes phone
- Head to Elm's lab
- Pick Cyndaquil, nickname it 'A'
Must be male, must have 11 Atk AND 12 Sp.Atk

- Kill a Sentret if you see one; run from all else
- If your Berry gets used up, pick up the one from the tree here and equip it

- Buy 10 Potions

- Ledybas are nice easy exp here; don't lose your Berry (4 damage expected)
- Get the hidden Potion if 9 Defense
- Free heal from Mr. Pokemon
- Collect the Berry from the tree on the way back

- [Rival ???]
Totodile: Leer, Tackle x4-5
¤Potion only if needed
- Afterward, return to Elm's Lab to name the Rival and get Balls

- Say No to the guy who wants to show you how to catch
- Catch a Sentret before leaving Route 29 (Tackle once)
- [Youngster Mikey]
Pidgey: Tackle x2-3
Rattata: Leer, Tackle x3
> SPINNER! [Bug Catcher Don]
2-pass is fine, since his exp can replace killing wild pokes later
Caterpies: Leer, Tackle x2 (skip Leer if Lv8)
- Extra experience:
¤ 52 total exp from wilds before Violet City, BARE MINIMUM needed is 39
(This includes any wilds from earlier, going to and from Mr. Pokemon)
(Two level 3's and a level 2 should be enough)
¤ Good beginner strat is to fight Don on purpose and not worry about keeping track of wild pokes
¤ Bellsprouts and Caterpies/Ledybas on Route 31 are good things to kill
- When Mom calls, say No
- Get Bitter Berry from the tree on Route 31

- Heal and equip Berry before the first fight
- [Bird Keeper Abe]
Spearow: Leer x2, Tackle x2, Potion, Tackle (adjust if crits happen)
- Heal up again before next fight
- [Bird Keeper Rod]
Pidgey 1: Leer, Tackle x3
Pidgey 2: Leer, Potion, Tackle x3
- Heal and equip Bitter Berry
- [Leader Falkner]
Pidgey: Leer, Tackle x2, sacrifice Sentret (heal Cyndaquil using Sentret's turn), Tackle x1

DEALING WITH BAD RNG: (2 Sentret swaps needed)
¤ Switch out/switch back if the first Tackle misses
¤ If 2nd Tackle misses three times, Potion Cyndaquil then swap out/swap back

Pidgeotto: Leer, Tackle x4-5 (Likely need 2 to 3 Potions here)
¤ 19 speed is a tie

- Head to the Center to heal and take the Egg
(healing here not necessary if at least 2 Potions left)
- Take Przcureberry from the tree on your way out of town
- On Route 32, kill something in the grass if you didn't get the full 52 exp earlier
- [Youngster Albert]
Rattata: Tackle x2-3 (or Ember x2 if Lv12 already)
¤ should level up for Ember here if you got enough exp
Zubat: Ember x2
- Kill any wild poke you see with Ember (Bellsprout and Hoppip are excellent)

¤¤¤IMPORTANT: extra 53 exp needed before Bugsy (assuming you got exactly 52 before)

- Pick up Potion in the grass on the left if you are low
- Pick up hidden Super Potion before the bridge
- Avoid the rotator, say 'No' to Slowpoketail guy
- Ignore the Center; enter the cave

- Pause before the first spinner (good Potion opportunity)
> SPINNER! [Hiker Daniel]
Onix: Smokescreen, then all Embers (5-6)
Exp helps in a few places; don't worry about the extra 53 exp if you hit him
- Potion again before next trainer if Daniel hit and damaged you a lot
- [Hiker Russell]
Geodudes: all Ember
- [Firebreather Bill]
Koffings: all Ember
¤ Fight this guy on purpose, even if Daniel hit you; exp is worth it
- Cyndaquil should be Quilava by now
- Get the Swift TM downstairs
- Potion and teach Swift over Tackle
- Back upstairs; head towards southern exit
- [Firebreather Ray]
Vulpix: Swift x2
- Exit onto Route 33
> SPINNER! [Hiker Anthony] ¤potentially run-ending
Geodude: Ember x3 (has Rock Throw)
Machop: Ember x2

- Talk to Kurt at his house
- Shop:
Potion x1
Super Potion x2
Repel x3 (4 if Daniel/Anthony hit you)
- Hidden Full Heal behind the Well
- Enter the Well without Repelling
- [Rocket Grunt 1]
Rattatas: Swift x2 for each (Ember can OHKO if Lv15)
- [Rocket Grunt 2]
Ekans & Zubat: Swift x2 for each
- Can usually skip Super Potion pickup in here
- [Rocket Grunt 3]
Rattata: Swift x1
Zubats: Swift or Ember x1-2 (depending on which DV is higher)
- [Rocket Grunt 4]
Koffing: Ember x2-3
- From Kurt's house, head to the Gym

- [Twins Amy&May]: Ember x2
- Take the left side
- [Bug Catcher Josh]: Ember x1
> SPINNER! [Bug Catcher Benny]
¤Fight on purpose if no extra wild/spinner exp, or if Special DV is below 13
Weedle: Swift x1
Kakuna: Ember x1
Beedrill: Swift x2, or Swift + Ember to be safe
- [Leader Bugsy] >>> Order of his 2nd and 3rd pokes is random
Metapod: Ember x1
Kakuna: Ember x1
Scyther: Ember x2, then Swift if it survives

- Menu before heading to the town exit:
Potion, equip Przcureberry, Repel
- Rival 2
Gastly: Ember x2
Croconaw: Leer, Swift x3
¤ Can swap and sacrifice Sentret to try manipping a Leer (saves a Super Potion)
¤ If 13+ DV Special and 51+ HP, don't switch (Potion on Zubat)
Zubat: Swift x2

- Chase Farfetch'd to its owner (take the long way around)
- Revive is available if you want it
- Repel again immediately when the first wears off (you'll do this twice in here)
- Talk to the Dad to get Cut HM
- Teach Cut to Sentret while standing in front of the tree; use Cut from the menu
- Head to the exit (no Headbutt)
¤ Can pick up hidden Full Heal and/or Super Potion on the way if you need them
- On Route 34, use deliberate movement to avoid all the trainers
¤ If and only if Anthony hit you before, see the detailed notes for some quick fights you can do here..

- Dept Store shopping:
[2F] Sell Mud-Slap and Fury Cutter
Buy 2 Escape Ropes, 2 Repels (1 if you bought 4 earlier), 1 Poke Doll
[3F] Buy 1 X Speed, 3 X Specials, 4 X Attacks, 1 Guard Spec
(should have AT LEAST 680 left; if not, sell Balls until you do)
- Go get the Bicycle around the corner
- Register and use the Bike, from here go to the Gym now if:
1) 13+ DV Special AND Defense DV is anything other than 4-5; OR
2) enough exp to hit Lv21 before Miltank (Benny or Anthony+Route 34 optional)
- If you cannot safely do early Gym, go to the Tunnel first instead (only loses around 8 seconds)

- Left and around to avoid trainers on the perimeter
- [Lass Carrie]
Snubbull: Swift, then Ember x2
- Heal to full
- [Leader Whitney]
Clefairy: (Smokescreen first if bad Defense), SWIFT, use X Speed, use all X Specials, Ember x1
^ this can pay off, trust me
¤Take extra heal turns if HP falls below 23 or so (or bad status)
¤Heal HP to above 26 or so before killing it
¤If speed is dropped, have 52+ HP when killing Clefairy
¤If defense is dropped, have at least 40 HP when killing Clefairy
¤Certain moves from Metronome will just kill the run, that's just Whitney for ya

Miltank: Ember x2 (pray for no Stomp flinch if slower)

- Talk to trainer, then Whitney again to get the Badge
- Get Squirtbottle from house next to the Gym after winning
- Receive Kenya the Spearow from north gatehouse

- [Pokemaniac Donald]
Slowpokes: Swift x2 for each
- [Super Nerd Teru]
Ember all Magnemites, Swift x1-2 for Voltorb (favorable 1-hit post-Whitney)
- Pick up Coin Case below the shop stands
- Pick up hidden Super Potion on the way back

- After completing ALL the above events, go to the Game Corner
- Buy 200 coins, use them to get Abra, no nickname, try to buy Abra again
- Step outside and Teleport back to Violet

- Use PC in the Center
- Deposit Quilava, Deposit Egg, Withdraw Quilava, leave
- Bike to the west exit to proceed

- Menu right before Sudowoodo:
Swap Sentret and Quilava, Repel, use Squirtbottle
- Run away from Sudowoodo, and go south
- [Schoolboy Alan]
Tangela: Ember x1 (exp is necessary unless you fought Benny OR Anthony+Rt 34 trainer)
- Continue past Alan and enter the narrow path to the south
- Cut the tree and head straight down through the grass
- Pick up the Rollout TM, then return to the Sudowoodo intersection
- Head northwest towards Ecruteak
- [Psychic Greg]
Drowzee: Swift x2-3 (Full Heal if put to sleep; Ember if Disabled)

- Kimono Girls at the Dance Theatre
- Start from the left side
Flareon: Swift x3
Espeon: Swift x2, Ember if it survives (can do Umbreon first to make the 2-hit chance better)
Umbreon: Leer, Swift x3
Vaporeon: Swift x3 (heal above 46 HP before this fight; can do Jolteon first)
Jolteon: same as Espeon
- Talk to the hat guy in the audience to receive Surf HM
- Leave and head to the Gym

- [Sage Ping]: Ember all 5 Gastlys
- Take the secret path below the second trainer to skip that fight
- Menu before reaching the third trainer:
Heal to at least near-full HP
Teach Rollout over Leer
- [Sage Jeffrey]
Haunter: Ember x2-3 (Curse here is good)
- [Medium Martha]
Rollout kills her team in 4 turns;
If you miss after 3 turns, just Ember (any earlier, just try Rollout again)
- Heal to at least 75% (less is fine if 12+ DV Speed)
- [Leader Morty]
Click Rollout and cross your fingers (59% for a perfect fight)

¤Backup strat for missing depends on which turn it happens on; the sooner, the better...
¤¤If Cursed, always swap to Abra first to get rid of it; heal Quilava if you get the chance
¤Miss Gastly = try Rollout again
¤Miss Haunter #1 = cure sleep if he hit, Smokescreen, then Rollout
¤Miss Gengar = likely a loss, but same strat as Haunter 1
¤Miss Haunter 2 = just Ember x3
- Step into the void after the fight to leave faster

ROUTE 38/39
- Navigate along the bottom to avoid spinner risk
- Tight movement on the ledges after Repel wears off
- Enter Olivine

- Rival cutscene
- Shopping at the Mart:
Buy 7 Super Potion, 2 Hyper Potion, 7 Super Repels
- Get Strength at the building next to the Center
- Menu outside:
¤Teach Strength to Quilava (bye, Rollout)
¤Teach Surf to Sentret
¤Get on Bike
- Bike to the Lighthouse

- Fights start on second floor
- [Gentleman Alfred]
Noctowl: Strength + Swift (Strength twice if Growled and bad roll)
- Hug perimeter to avoid the next 2 trainers
- [Gentleman Preston]
Growlithes: Strength x1 for each (Ember if they survive)
- [Lass Connie]
Marill: Swift x2, Ember if it lives
- Fall down on the left side of the hole, upstairs
> SPINNER! [Sailor Ernest]
X Attack, then Strength all
¤Pretty bad spinner to hit, as his exp is useless
- Talk to Jasmine
- Fall down over to the right for the Rare Candy
- Heal to full, Super Repel, Escape Rope
- Head west towards Cianwood

ROUTE 40/41
- Avoid all trainers while Surfing to follow the left border
> SPINNER! [Swimmer Kaylee]
X Attack, Strength Goldeens, Swift x2 Seaking
¤SKIP X Attack if Ernest hit you, and just Strength everything
- Make landfall as far north as possible
- Bike into Cianwood Gym
¤Take the Center first if both Ernest and Kaylee hit you

- When you hit Level 30 (should be right after Hitmonchan, or now if Kaylee hit you):
Heal to full
Use Rare Candy (Teach Flame Wheel over Smokescreen)
Move Super Repels to the top
Use Strength from the menu
- [Black Belt Yoshi]
Hitmonlee: Strength x2 (Ember if you miss the range)
- [Black Belt Lao]
Hitmonchan: Strength x3 (Flame Wheel x3 instead if you have it already)
- Menu now to heal (and do the other things listed above if not done already)
- [Black Belt Nob]
Machop: Ember x2 (heal before killing it if under 50 HP)
Machoke: Swap Fire move positions, Flame Wheel x2 (Revive and Ember if it doesn't die)
- Heal to full again
- Push boulders
- [Black Belt Lung]
Strength all (have to Flame Wheel instead if only Ernest was hit)
- Heal to at least near-full
- [Leader Chuck]
Primeape: Guard Spec, 3 X Attacks, make sure HP is at about 72+, Strength x1
Poliwrath: Strength x2 (Full Heal if Hypnosis)

- Get the Fly HM right outside the Gym
- Obtain the Secretpotion from the salesman
(Option to buy Revives/more Potions from him afterward if you want them)
- Teach Fly to Kenya; Fly to Violet City
¤ (Go straight to Ecruteak instead if BOTH Ernest and Kaylee hit you)
- Catch a Poliwag/Poliwhirl in the first water (Flame Wheel them first, or Ember if under Lv20)
- Collect the Rare Candy at the opposite shore
- Super Repel, Fly to Ecruteak
- In Ecruteak, Bike east onto Route 42
¤ (Catch a Poli here first if Ernest+Kaylee)
- Cross the route via the water, and avoid trainer's vision
> SPINNER! [Hiker Benjamin]
Diglett: Ember x1
Geodude: Flame Wheel x1
Dugtrio: Ember x1
- Pass through Mahogany Town and head north

- Usual Bike-Surf-Bike movement
- Poke Doll the Gyarados
- Talk to Lance
- Fly back to Mahogany, enter the store

- [Camera Grunt A]
Drowzee: Swift x1 (if no normal moves left, Ember x2)
Zubat: Flame Wheel x1
- [Camera Grunt B]
Zubat: Swift/Flame Wheel x1
Grimer: Flame Wheel x1
Rattata: Ember x1
- Navigate to the middle of the room
- [Scientist Jed]: Ember all
- Check the computer console to shut off cameras
- Navigate around to the stairs in the lower-left corner
¤¤¤ If Kaylee and/or Benjamin hit: use Rare Candy at Lv34 (otherwise, wait until Lv35)
- Free heal from Lance
- [Rocket Grunt]: 2 Venonats (Strength them)
- Downstairs into cutscene, enter the office above you
- [Scientist Ross]: Flame Wheel x2
- [Password Grunt 1]: Ember x2, then TALK TO HER AFTER THE FIGHT
- Go to the lower-left area
- [Scientist Mitch]: Flame Wheel x1 (Swift if Ditto survives and Transforms)
- [Password Grunt 2]: Flame Wheel x1, then TALK TO HIM AFTER THE FIGHT
- Take the stairs in the upper-right
- Go left towards the next stairs
- [Rocket Grunt]: 3 Embers
- Take stairs, Rival cutscene, enter Passwords
- [male Rocket Executive]
Zubat: Flame Wheel x1
Raticate: Flame Wheel + Ember
Koffing: Flame Wheel
- Talk to the Murkrow
- Get the Protein coming back, use Protein, then Rare Candy if you still have it
¤ Should have Typhlosion now
- Use Murkrow's password on the generator room door, try to enter the room
- [female Rocket Executive]: Ember x2, Flame Wheel, Ember
- Electrodes: Strength, then Ember if they live
- Exit the hideout by foot

- Ice puzzle
> SPINNER! [Boarder Douglas] < y'all know him
Flame Wheel everything
- [Leader Pryce]
X Attack, Strength Seel, Swift x2 Dewgong, Flame Wheel Piloswine
¤ If no X Attack, Strength + Ember Seel, Swift + Ember + FW Dewgong, FW Piloswine
- Leave and Fly to Olivine

- Get back to the top of Lighthouse; deliver Potion to Jasmine
> SPINNER! [Ernest 2] < can't catch you if you hit him on previous visit
Ember the Machops, Swift the Poliwhirl
- Escape Rope out and go to the Gym
- [Leader Jasmine]
Ember Magnemites, Flame Wheel Steelix
- After Elm call, Fly to Goldenrod

- Go shopping again
[2F]: Buy 2 Escape Ropes, 4-5 Full Heals
[5F]: Buy TM41 and TM48 (don't get Return)
[3F]: Buy 21 X Special, 1 X Speed¤, 11 X Attack, 2 X Accuracy
¤X Speed not needed if 13+ DV, or you hit Kaylee/Douglas and 11+ DV
- Bike to Radio Tower

- [Rocket Grunt 1F]: Flame Wheel x2
- Walk between the two grunts in the middle of floor 2
- [Rocket Grunt 2F,a]: Ember x2
- [Rocket Grunt 2F,b]: Strength x4 (possible poison from Muk)
- [Rocket Grunt 3F]: FW, FW, Ember, Ember
- [Scientist Marc]: Ember x3
- Pause to teach Fire Punch over Ember before rotator on 4F
- [Scientist Rich]: Fire Punch Porygon, Swift if you miss the range
- [Imposter Director]: Flame Wheel all Koffings, Fire Punch Weezing
¤ Flame Wheel Weezing if you miss the range
- Leave Radio Tower
- Teach Thunderpunch over FW, Bike to NORTHERN Tunnel entrance

- Get into the locked door, head downstairs
- [Rival 3]
Golbat: TP x1
Feraligatr: TP + Swift
All else: FP
- [Switch Grunt 1]: Swift x1
- [Switch Grunt 2]: FP, TP, TP
- [Switch Grunt 3]: TP, FP < this Muk is a range; Swift if you miss it
- 3,2,1 switch order
- [Burglar Eddie]: Swift, TP
- Hidden Revive on the ground if you want to feel safe for Elite Four
- [Burglar Duncan]: Strength x3
- [Rocket Grunt]: FP x2
- Ignore the switch next to her; enter the next room
- [Rocket Grunt a]: Swift, Strength
- [Rocket Grunt b]: TP x2
- [Rocket Grunt c]: TP x2
- Receive Card Key from Director
- Super Potion if needed, ETHER STRENGTH, then Escape Rope

- Use Card Key on 3F to progress
- [Rocket Grunt]: Swift, TP
- [Executive 1]: TP x1
- [Executive 2]: FP x3 (Swift Arbok if you miss that favorable range)
- [Executive Final]: X Attack, Swift, FP, Strength
- Get Pink Bow on the way down
- Get Radio Card on 1F (Quiz Answers: Y Y N Y N)
- Head out and Fly to Mahogany

- Avoid the rotator and standers as you head east
- [Bird Keeper Vance]: Swift x2
- Super Repel 4 tiles inside the cave
- Ice sliding puzzles; don't forget Waterfall HM
- Use Strength from the menu with the next Super Repel
- Fast Boulders: push one into upper-left hole, fall down LOWER-left hole
- Navigate to the end without wasting too many steps

- Bike up to about 5 tiles before the Gym door
- Menu:
¤Super Potion to near-full at least
¤Super Repel
¤¤ (Equip Pink Bow if berry is gone)
¤Teach Whirlpool and Waterfall to Poliwag
- Enter the Gym

- [Cooltrainer Paul]: Strength x3
- [Cooltrainer Fran]: TP x1
- Push the left boulder (on the bottom) into the first hole
- [Cooltrainer Cody]: TP x2, with option to Strength Horsea if Pink Bow is on
- Push boulder down and throw yourself in the same hole
- [Cooltrainer Lola]: Strength Dratini, Strength + Swift Dragonair
¤Full Heal if paralyzed by Dragonair
¤Swift x2 Dragonair if Pink Bow
- Heal to full, equip Bow now if Lola took the Berry
- [Leader Clair]
Pink Bow strat
- Dragonair: X Attack, Full Heal if paralysis, Strength x1 (range; annoying to miss it)
- Kingdra: Swift + Strength (if good Attack); Strength x2 if Lv46 and worried about the range
- Dragonair 2 and 3: Strength x1

Przcureberry strat
- Dragonair: X Attack TWICE, Full Heal, Strength x1
- Kingdra: Swift x2
- Dragonair 2 and 3: Strength x1
- Leave the Gym, enter water to the right and enter Dragon's Den

- Surf past the Whirlpool
- Collect the Dragon Fang to get the Badge
- Menu:
¤Super Repel
¤Super Potion up to ~65 HP if needed
¤Equip Pink Bow if it's still in the Bag
¤Escape Rope
- Fly to New Bark Town (mash A on Kenya)

- Surf east of New Bark, enter Tohjo Falls
- Use Waterfall to clear the cave
- Walk outside, pass the rotator, Surf across
- [Cooltrainer Blake]: FP, Strength + Swift, FP
¤ (if EQ from Quagsire, heal after the fight if in the red)
- Enter the water when aligned with the next trainer
- Exit the water next to girl on the bridge
- Briefly enter the water to dodge the Fisherman
- [Psychic Richard]: Swift x2
- Take the heal at the house
> SPINNER! [Cooltrainer Joyce]: 2-pass with Bike mount + Repel text
Swift Pikachu, TP Blastoise (if Protect, just TP again)
- [Cooltrainer Gaven]: FP, TP (again if Protect), Strength
- [Cooltrainer Jake]: FP, TP
- [Cooltrainer Beth]: Swift x2
- Pass through gatehouse into Victory Road
- Super Repel (last one)
- Fall through hole on the last floor; pick up Earthquake TM
- [Rival 4]
Sneasel: X Special, TP x1
Feraligatr: TP x1
Golbat and Haunter: FP x1
Kadabra: Swift x1
Magneton: FP x1
- Enter the building on the right side of the door

- Buy 11 Max Repels and 11 Full Restores at the counter
- Teach Earthquake over Swift
- [Will]: TP, TP + Strength, TP, FP, FP
- [Koga]: FP Ariados, set up X Attack and X Special then FP Forretress, EQ, TP, EQ
- [Bruno]:
¤ Hitmontop: X Attack, EQ
¤ Onix: EQ
¤ Machamp: Strength x2 (just keep using it if he heals)
¤ Hitmonlee: Strength x1
¤ Hitmonchan: EQ x1 (Strength if you miss the range; Super first if in Mach Punch range)
- [Karen]:
¤ Umbreon: FP, FP/X Special, (Full Restore if Confused / X Acc if Sanded), FP
¤ Gengar: EQ x1 (FP if X Special)
¤ all else: FP (Full Restore if below 14 HP), EQ, FP
- Full Restore, move Max Repels to the top
- [Champion Lance]
¤ Gyarados: X Special, TP x1
¤ Aerodactyl: TP x1
¤ Dragonite 1: X Special 5 more times (4 if Douglas/Joyce hit), heal, TP x1
- 65-75 HP is Hyper Beam kill range, depending on Def DV
- Pro tip: Use Full Heal on heal turn (instead of Restore) if you safely can
¤ All else: TP x1 (can use FP on Charizard if only 1 TP left)
- last Dragonite is a range at +5, but it's very favorable if Lv55
- Cutscenes, Hall of Fame, reset after the game saves
(can also watch credits, I guess, if you want)

- Get the Ticket at Elm's lab
- Fly to Olivine, go to the pier
- Board the ship
- Head downstairs, talk to the guy who's in the way
- Back upstairs, enter second cabin on top row
- [Sailor Stanly]: EQ x3 (Strength x3 is safe if 12+ DV Attack)
- Head to the captain's room
- Talk to little girl
- Leave the ship after getting Metal Coat

- Max Repel, Fly to Vermilion
- Bike through grass on the way to Saffron
- Go east onto Route 8
- Hop ledges, Cut trees, enter Lavender Town
- North from Lavender, go right and talk to Hiker
- [Hiker Jim]: FP x1
- Rock Tunnel darkness movement (see detailed notes if you need help)
- Step in and out of the Pokemon Center after getting through the cave
- Surf to the Power Plant, talk to manager, phone call
- Fly to Saffron, go west to Celadon

- Cut the tree at the bottom to enter the Gym
- [Twins Jo&Zoe]: EQ, FP
- [Picnicker Tanya]: FP
- [Beauty Julia]: Strength x3 (have to TP Parasect if you miss the range)
- [Leader Erika]: FP x4
- Fly to Saffron again, and head north to Cerulean

- Go to the Gym to encounter the Rocket grunt
- Recover the Machine Part
- Go north, cross the bridge (ignore the Rocket)
- Route 25 gauntlet
[Schoolboy Dudley]: Strength
[Lass Ellen]: TP, FP
[Schoolboy Joe]: FP, TP
[Lass Laura]: Strength x3
[Camper Lloyd]: FP x1
[Lass Shannon]: Strength x3
[Super Nerd Pat]: FP x1 (EQ instead if Special DV is 3 higher than Attack)
- Lewd Misty cutscene
- Max Repel, use Teleport

- Return to the Power Plant to deliver the Part
- Fly to Lavender
- Get the Expn Card at the Tower
- Fly to Vermilion

- Cut the tree blocking the Gym
- No puzzle, just fight the guy on the right
- [Gentleman Gregory]: Strength x2
- [Leader Surge]: EQ, FP, FP, EQ, FP (in that order)
- Move in front of Snorlax
- Use Max Repel, play Poke Flute radio music
- Run from Snorlax
- Head through Diglett's Cave, Cut the tree, enter Pewter

- Enter the Gym
- [Camper Jerry]: FP x1
- [Leader Brock]: EQ, EQ, TP, EQ/FP Onix (whichever you did NOT use on Porygon), TP Kabutops
¤ If Onix survives, just spam EQ for the rest of the fight

- Bike through the woods on Route 2 (Get Max Ether if Onix survived)
- Careful not to hit a Bug Catcher on the south end of the route
- Pass through Viridian onto Route 1
- Max Repel before the grass
(and Max Ether EQ if you picked it up)
- Cut through Pallet Town
- Surf to Cinnabar, talk to Blue
¤ hidden Candy in alcove should be picked up if 11-12 DV Speed and no Douglas/Kaylee

- Surf east from Cinnabar
> SPINNER! (can be avoided by Surfing around the platform, or yolo to save ~4 secs)
Just Strength x1 if he hits you
- Head inside Seafoam Island
- [Leader Blaine]: EQ x3
¤¤¤ Replace your fire move with Flamethrower at Lv60
- Surf and hug the north wall until you arrive at the beach
- Bike around ledges and enter Fuchsia

- Enter the Gym, real Janine is the lower-left one
- [Leader Janine]: TP/Flame, TP Weezings and Ariados, Strength Venomoth
- Fly to Cerulean after the fight

- Surf to Misty from the outer perimeter of the Gym
- [Leader Misty]: X Special (Surf damage), TP, Flame, Flame, TP
- Bike to Saffron Gym

- After first teleporter, go UP, ACROSS, DOWN, DOWN
> SPINNER! [Medium Rebecca]: TP, then Flame if you hit her
- Other spinners can be safely avoided by hugging the wall
- [Leader Sabrina]: Flame x3 ezpz
- Menu outside the Gym:
¤ Max Repel
¤ Super or Hyper Potion to full
¤ (Rare Candy here if you picked up the Cinnabar one)
¤ Fly to Viridian

- Enter the Gym
- [Leader Blue]
Pidgeot: X Special twice, X Attack if exactly 1 Wing Attack was used, Flame x1
Rhydon: Flame x1
Gyarados: TP x1 < X Attack here first if you didn't on Pidgeot; always Rain Dances
Alakazam: Strength x1
Arcanine: EQ x1
Exeggutor: Flame x1
- That's all 8 Kanto badges
- Fly to Pallet, talk to Oak, return to Viridian
- Head straight west towards Mt. Silver

- Menu when Max Repel wears off:
¤ Max Repel
¤ Super/Full Restore if < 115 HP (or if planning on taking 1 Thunder)
- Dark room movement; best for new runners to use a guide, item balls help a bit
- After dark room, path to Red is very linear
- [Pkmn Trainer Red]
Pikachu: 4 X Specials, X Speed if required for Espeon, heal out of Body Slam range, Flame x1
¤see detailed notes for specific Body Slam calcs for various DVs
¤similar to Lance, you can just Full Heal paralysis if HP is high enough
Rest of Red's team should be free: Flame, TP, Flame x2, TP, Flame
- GG

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