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Tower Colosseum, Orre Colosseum, and Mt Battle in battle mode are, in my opinion, difficult, but fun. I've been playing those modes with mons that you can get in Colo, but genned with perfect IVs, and optimal held items, EV distribution, natures, and movesets to route a theoretically faster run. The bad thing is, without genning/save editors, you can only get these very good stats by breeding, which you can't do in Colosseum/XD.

For example, the very first battle in Tower Colosseum Singles always (For me, at least) sends out an Umbreon. That Umbreon's moveset I have known by heart since I was a kid; Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Screech, and Double Team. Not the best set, but it's a special kind of stall set meant to annoy the player. (I hate evasion boosting moves. I know Taunt is a thing, but I still hate it lol)

Luckily, a Megahorn from a choice banded, Adamant Heracross will OHKO it if it hits.

What does everyone think about this idea for a category? Every Colosseum in battle mode and Mt Battle vs 100. (Ho-oh%?)


Ho-oh% is very different, does not require the colosseum battles in battle mode and requires a lot of story stuff, so this wouldn't be Ho-oh%. I'm not sure how we'd go about making a ruleset for this, but I can't imagine manipulated pokes being allowed in a speedrun. I don't really know how we can make a fair ruleset when renting pokemon isn't an option in Colo


Yeah, I can see that. Most videos of battle mode and XD Orre Colosseum that I have seen use EV trained mons traded from the GBA games. It would be difficult to route a run without optimal IV's, EV distribution, etc. But it could work, maybe.

I could see it working without genning, but it requires a ton of resets in Story Mode to get the team that you want for the colosseum battles. Unless you're the luckiest person alive, getting perfect IV'S for the desired stat first try.

I'm currently in the process of routing Tower Colosseum with my current team. (Umbreon, Espeon, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Heracross.) It's a team that is optimized for Singles, but not Doubles. The team is also optimized for getting very lucky in a run, since the Pokemon that the AI sends out is random.

An example is battle 4 of Tower Colosseum Singles. Sent Raikou out first, all three of the AI's mons were weak against Thunder. I decided not to use Rain Dance and just use Thunder three times. It hit every time, and I knew that wouldn't happen every play through.

For a run to be optimal in these battle mode categories, you need to choose the mons that you want to use, since Colosseum has very limited options, hope that they have perfect IV's in the desired stats, and attempt to EV train them a crapload until they get to either level 50 or 100, depending on the category.

It's quite tedious to even attempt to run this category, or get good at it. I can see why this category won't work for most people. Runners would have to be dedicated to the game to get a World Record, or even a PB. It's that tedious.


So there's a Mt. Battle for Battle Mode that lets you use pre-set pokemon (a la stadium style)? If so this would be a neat miscellaneous category, quite long too probably 6 hours?

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There is a Mt Battle for battle mode, but it either let's you use a Story Mode party, or a party of pokemon from the GBA games. No rentals. Most videos of Battle Mode that I have seen use EV trained mons from the GBA games.

I'm trying to route some Colosseum Battles in Battle Mode using genned Pokemon that have perfect IV's, EV distribution, etc. for theoretically, a faster run. Even though these stats are impossible to get without breeding, which you can't do in Colosseum and XD.

Battle Mode has some potentially interesting miscellaneous/meme categories, because of how bloody difficult some of the Colosseum Battles and the latter half of Mount Battle are if you aren't prepared.

Overall, it's similar to Stadium, but there are no rental Pokemon in this game.