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Does playing on the New 3ds XL make a difference.


I don't think so. A 3DS and a 2DS have 2 modes: 3DS mode, and DS mode. When playing 3DS games, the system is in 3DS mode. When DS games are playing, the 3DS is in DS mode. Think about it. When you are playing a DS game, why can't you go to the Home Menu without exiting your game, unlike a 3DS game? That is because the game can't change modes if a DS game is playing. One more thing. When you take a 3DS game out while it is playing, the game will say you need to go back to home menu. If you did that to a DS game, the game will freeze, like a DS would, but you can still exit the mode by going to the home menu, without hard resetting. Basically, what I'm saying, the New 3DS XL runs DS games at the same speed as a 3DS, 2DS, or DS would run it. It might run 3DS games better, but not DS games.


For Generation 5, running on DSi or 2DS/3DS is slower.


The DSi enhancements on the DSi/3DS make the load times longer.