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I want to start any% runs with Naughty Tepig.

On RPG Reporter, I obviously know the nature but what IVs must Tepig have for any% runs? And do you need pokerus (I'd assume yes but want to make sure) Thanks


Hello !
I believe that all active runners use a full 31 IVs Tepig (that's my case).
I don't know about the pokerus, I have never heard of it in Gen5 speedrunning.

GL on your runs !

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Thanks! I was pretty confident about 31 IVs and no pokerus but wanted to double check.

And thanks for the good luck, I won't be able to post runs for a few years still but am keen to start practising!


It makes no difference to the run to have 30 in Sp.Atk/Sp.Def/Speed so you don't NEED full 31IV's.

You can't manip Pokérus to my knowledge, but it has happened on runs before as tacafed got Pokerus from Pansage many years ago.


Ok thanks for the response!


I am very new to speedrunning pokemon and only have access to emulator (desume). I'm not looking to attempt any records, just to have fun lol, but i can't figure out how RNG Reporter works and how to manip the tepig in. I'm not sure if anyone is even gonna see this or if they can help but anyway. Help would be appreciated!


Murdock, I have a tutorial on Youtube for getting started with this game and using RNG Reporter.

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