I’ve never posted on a forum before so please for anything i may do wrong idk how this all works exactly. Either way, i had seen some speedruns for before the 1.1.2 patch, and i was having trouble emulating them on my switch lite on 1.1.1. So as far as i could tell, some of the fastest speedruns ive seen use A possibly somewhat slower method than what i found. Im not sure though I’ve really never done this stuff before. Once you obtain your running shoes and walk outside, open the menu and go into the summary of the pokemon like normal, except only open one glitched menu then back out till the glitched menu is up but you can move. Open up the save screen then press X to open another menu and repeat the process one time to create another glitched menu that will overlay the save screen but you will still be able to move. Walk into a door and press B to exit the menu and walk away from the door. The save screen should still be up but the game is frozen and you can still move. I’m not sure how this would actually compare to the current method of using the menu screen because i don’t have the tools to time or anything like that but I discovered this and didn’t know if anyone else had or if it could possibly be faster. And please excuse me if this is the wrong place to post this.

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That is a menu stack. Setting it up is slightly slower than double storage, which is what the runners do. It also allows them to run while still in the bag, and navigate to the save menu while still running.

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