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I know cheats aren't usually allowed in speedrunning but it would be interesting to find out the dynamics of a 2player speedrun

This USA gecko code allows for 2player instory mode please do a run with this

$Force 2-Player in story mode [NerduMiner]
20e11e20 00000000
049f96b4 00000002
049f96b8 3f000000
04e11ea0 00000002
04e11e20 00000002

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I think it could be a cool addition as a miscellaneous category.


generally the rule for new categories is: do a run of it (on video ofc) and then the mods will consider it

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Maybe once I get someone to do it with I’ll do this. Could be entertaining


`This is a mod so I can't see this becoming a category, yet at least
HOWEVER, the first step for even considering it would be to do a run. The discord would love to see it. 🙂


My first instinct is to say no because if your are using a cheat code there is little way to verify that youre doing everything else legit BUT if you could show you were exclusively using the cheat that would certainly spark discussion


I don't have the dedication to run it


I mean, it can be a cool thing, even unofficially