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I'm aware of the differences Guide made by IceCube, but it's hard to understand which version is better. According to HSS's route, the differences between NTSC-J and NTSC-U does not make a difference for the route. However, its a 350 Poko difference according to IceCube's guide which I imagine has to matter. PAL seems to take way more time due to weight, but are there any other region differences that change the run?

TL;DR Which version is the fastest and why?


For pay off debt, it's most likely ntscu>pal>ntscj.
The main advantage of PAL over NTSC-U is snagret hole 6, where PAL treasure (from the bulborb) can be carried over water using only one candypop bud.
But you could easily get rid of that problem skipping the whole SH6, and getting the treasures of SC5 (as keisen did in its record).

The fact that you see no difference between the routes is because it is biased due to corpses. Depending on how fast you are, you collect more or less corpses. If you are faster, you have to collect some extra treasures! Sublevel layout has its influence too (e.g GK4, most of the time one of the three treasures is unreachable without yellows. Depending which one it is, you are more or less... fucked.)
But theorically, if luck wasn't biasing the thing, different regions would have quite different routes. This huge luck factor just equalizes it I guess.


I've always wanted to make like a database of every treasure for every version to show differences between value, weight, location, etc. I bet that would be useful.

As for which version is faster, each one has it's pros and cons. NTSC-U has the most value (tied with pal), but the most weight in the places that matter (SH6). PAL also has the most value but has the most weight overall, just making carrying slower in general. NTSC-J has the least value but also the least weight. I'd say just don't use PAL. NTSC-U or NTSC-J are about equal.


Ah thank you both! Good to know I won't be buying another version of this game as GCN discs can get pricey lmao. I guess the RNG factor does make sense given especially what was said about needing Yellows. Now do I want to have to hope for really good RNG all the time? No, but what ya gonna do FrankerZ

So I would assume that NTSC-J is fastest for All Treasures due to lowest weight?


Yeah NTSC-J is most likely faster for all treasures. But still, considering how long is the run, the difference is negligible for the moment. It wouldn't be the case if the record was much more optimized, but it will probably never happen considering the influence of rng.
Basically if you're good and if you get good rng, you can get WR (pay off debt or all treasures) with any version.

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Yeah that makes sense. It's one of those "In theory" things where NTSC-J is faster by the looks of it. Maybe if I ever really wanted to grind All Treasures ( Kappa ) I'll get NTSC-J.

Thank you guys for your help! I hope to learn this game soon!

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