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My name is FightsWithFish and I am interested in beginning to speed run the Phantasy Star series starting with the original. They always say check with the community about the use of emulators therefore, that is what I am doing with this thread. It appears that, if I understand it correctly, the website indicates that most people use the Master System however, I do not feel like forking out the cash for the system and cart. Would Fusion be acceptable for speed running? If not then what emulator or solution do you suggest.

I also see these cool overlays that have timers, tracks, section of game etc. and I'd like to use these tools to start running.

By the by I plan to be an active member because Phantasy Star II was the game that brought me to a new realization of what a game is and is responsible for basically every game I ever played after. I have played all of the Phantasy Star series except the text adventures and fan made PS II and the Japanese only releases.


I have decided to start with Ages first. But I am still curious because I want to run the other Phantasy Stars as well.



Yeah using emulators is totally fine and Fusion works well.

About the timers and overlays, Im not the best one to give advice. I try to keep things as simple as possible when I run. I don't use overlays or anything, just show up the game and the splits. For splits, I use Wsplit as it´s very easy to use and to program.

Always nice to have more people around. have fun!

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