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Good evening,

Im here to express my surprise and disagreement towards my run not being accepted by the moderator Mr. Starbird. He claims the run I submitted had a lot of resets and that I should upload the part of the run only.

I would like to point out that, if he had seen it and made little effort on trying to figure out what was happening is that I had problems with the controller after the first reset, and with the sound afterwards. I had to stop and start all over again. And I must add that, on my previous PB ( which was accepted by a different mod) I reseted the game even more and submitted the run. If such a thing is a rule, it be should explicit on the forums or the main page, on rules tab. Posting the entire VOD should actually be a good signal of integrity to the run, bearing in mind the problems you guys suffered with a Sega Ages run that was appearently not reliable.

Mr. Starbird, bear in mind that Im a man of little free time, just like you I guess( because it took almost 2 weeks to verify my run) and I simply don't have the opportunity to go through the vods and cut parts and then upload it, and finally submit to The little spare time that I have I use to stream for a bit during the weekends wherever possible.

I would like this decision to be reviewed. Thank you all for the attention,