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For a long time, obsoleted and commonly banned PS1 emulators were used on Pepsiman since those were the only ones that played CD audio tracks for levels, but thanks to MrMonsh was discovered that a simple solution to this issue was to load the .cue file instead of .bin, meaning that emulators like PSXfin and smartphone ones now are banned.

You must also state what emulator is being used when submitting your run and always remember to load the .CUE file to get CD audio tracks. If your version doesn't has the .cue file or it doesn't play game music, you can use the version shared in Resources.

List of accepted emulators, based on our testings and allowed for most PS1 games are these:
• DuckStation (At normal speed, without any loading acceleration)
• BizHawk 2.5.2 or newer
• mednafen
• RetroArch (Beetle/Beetle HW)
• ePSXe 1.9.0, 1.9.25, 2.0, and 2.0.5

BizHawk Setup:
Games can only run under the cue format.
• PSX > Options
• Select either mednafen mode option.
• Config > Speed/Skip > Audio Throttle
To verify that you are running with Audio Throttle enabled you must hit the increase/decrease speed keys [plus/minus] it will display a message on screen.

RetroArch Dedicated Rules:
You must show settings of the core settings before/after the run.
Your settings must match this:
• CPU Dynarec: Disabled (Beetle Interpreter) [Default]
• Cycles: 128 (Default)
• GTE Overclock: Disabled
• GPU Overclock: 1x (native)
• Skip Bios: Disabled.
• Access Method: Synchronous
• Loading Speed: 2x (native)
• PAL (European) Video Timing Override: OFF
Recommended: Keep PGXP Disabled
Custom settings are allowed for anything that isn't mentioned such as resolution.

Runs submitted before this post that used not allowed emulator will keep being part of the leaderboard, but using those emulators for new runs are not allowed. Those runs will be retimed at some point to add the time that saved compared with another emulators or a real PS1.

If you have an emulator suggestion or any additional questions feel free to contact leaderboard mods on Discord.

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