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Hello, I'm new to the forums and also in the speed run world, I was wondering if there any official Emu or settings for this game? if not would be awesome if we setup something so I'll try those and make a submission...

I have it on the PS3 as digital download, also I have the original game, but the emulator is more comfortable for me so I don't have to set it up....


Most, if not all emulator runners are using ePSXe 1.8.0

Just use the internal soft plugin of ePSXe. None of these settings actually affect the speed of the emulator. (FPS Limit has been done internally since 1.😎


Sorry if it's bad manners to reply to an old thread - But with new updates to ePSXe, is it still the go to Emulator for it? It's what I've been using for a while for practice, and I think the only settings I've touched on it at remapping the controller scheme to fit a Playstation controller.


I use the same setup as SG posted one message above (1.8.0). Makes graphics look like crap, but it works very smooth.
I know a few people who use 1.9 and 2.0.5, it works fine as well.

About other Emus: Mednafen - very slow room transitions, loses a lot of time since timing convention is RTA, PSXjin - crashes/freezes after Burner fight.

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Cheers for the reply Toxic, I'll check out the 1.8 version of ePSXe - I've been using the latest (2.0.5) and it's working fine, aside from a crazy stutter on the walk to Akropolis.