Unpatched cover wall clipping glitch

By ShavedThrone10ShavedThrone10 Last updated

This video is just an example of what the glitch can do. Basicly you only need a few things to do this glitch.
1. an explosive (for some reason if you get hit by the explosive you now can clip, you don't even have to cover yet)
2. cover (its recommended to be close as you can to a wall, door, invisible barrier etc)
3. you can either hold aiming down sights, shoot, or secondary fire (this saves your current location that you are currently in rather than the position you went into cover)
4. a way to get pushed which can be anything that has knock back which can be either enemies (you have to be in a 1 way area for best results) or two mag secs which give you great flexibility and control (1 will make you reset your position).

This is mission 10 to show the potential of this glitch.

Pretty much for speedrun it can save time in:

Mission 5: Laboratory Rescue: main door skip by pushing the metal crates

Mission 10: Temple Surveillance: skips the entire temple to the bossfight

Mission 11:Outpost Rescue: possible clip in the beginning to move near the outpost to do another clip into the cut scene trigger area?

Mission 12: Bridge Assault: possible easier door skip in the Carrington institute area?

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