Guide on how to glitch Out of Bounds

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This is meant to be a guide on how to get the Out of Bounds glitches on Perfect Dark Zero.

In the case you don't know what OoB glitches are, watch for example my [Temple - Agent - 0:59]( video. Put the video at about 0:07 and see what happens. Basically I walk through a wall and fall to the ground floor straight, saving almost a minute and a half.

1) Unfortunately, the glitch only works in the original version of the game. As soon as you get the update, you won't manage to glitch.
2) You need to set the "Cover" option to "Switch" (i.e.: You press A to cover, and then press A to uncover).

1) You need to be at certain places. You can't warp everywhere in the game.
2) You want to be at a certain distance from the corner (don't be super close to the corner, because you won't succeed).
3) You want to have certain angles.
4) You can only use certain weapons, apparently, and some weapons work somehow better than others in different missions.

1) Get yourself to the corner where you want to glitch.
2) Set yourself at a certain distance and angle from that corner.
3) Select the weapon that you will use.
4) Hold LT (the aiming key) while covering. You need to hold that key during the entire process.
5) Start smashing button A.

If you have done everything properly, then eventually Joanna will start covering and uncovering super fast. If that happens that's a good signal. Sometimes Joanna will suddenly get through the wall and fall, and that means that you have succeeded, but don't get too frustrated, because many times she just won't do it. You need practice, and you need to be patient. Be sure that this is not a 100% consistent glitch.

- I've tried to find uses for it on Subway Retrieval, since it's an annoying level, but I found nothing.
- You can glitch near the beginning of Trinity Infiltration to get straight downstairs, but it's useless, since when you do it, Dr Caroll won't appear (I've checked it, he won't appear even if you call him with the intercom), and also, as soon as you fall downstairs, you will start walking much slower, as if there were water on the floor.
- On Jungle Storm you can glitch in the last hut, using the window to cover and uncover. I haven't checked if it has any uses on Agent or Secret Agent, but joey47 has a video on his YouTube channel of how to beat the level easily on Dark Agent in about 13 minutes using that glitch.
- On Temple Surveillance, you can go straight to the grand floor like in my video, and it saves almost a minute and a half on Agent and more on Secret Agent, although it doesn't seem to be useful on PA or DA.
- On Outpost Rescue you can glitch near the spot where you start, skipping the beginning of the level. Another good thing is that if you reenter the streets later on at a certain spot, you despawn the guards for some reason, and you have a peaceful easy route to the ending. On Agent it doesn't seem to be useful anymore, since apparently ShavedThrone10's glitch to skip the door provides us a faster strategy (this actually needs further testings), but if I'm not mistaken, joey47 has a video on his YouTube channel beating the level on Dark Agent in like 3 minutes, so there are uses for the glitch after all in the level.

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