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I've recently added categories for warping and runs that use it. Because of the nature of this glitch, it can be used to drastically speed up runs on certain levels where you don't need to wait for certain events to happen. So why add it now? It's simple: the player base decreases and people have been exploiting other bugs and using trainers anyway, so there really isn't a point in keeping it hidden from the public, which for a game that no longer receives updates is the only way to keep it from getting abused.

So how does it work? Once you're on a solid object, the game keeps track of your position relative to this object. This allows you to move along with the object, like the van on Heat Street. The problem lies in the fact that it keeps track of the position for each position/posture like standing and crouching. So if you're on the object in one position and then move off of it in another position, then the game assumes you're still on it. So if the object then moves, your position is updated, but only for the body position you were in while you were still on the object. That means once you enter the body position again, your location and rotation will be updated with the translations that have been applied to the object in question. Note that the position is updated first and then the rotation, so a small rotation may be greatly exaggerated when the object moved a great distance.

To give an example: you crouch on such a solid object, stand up to switch to another body position, move away from the object in this position to (so that the crouched position still remains there), get the object vector to change (e.g. by shooting it or by letting it play its animation) and then crouch again. You will now be warped to a new location (depending on the translation of the spatial vector of the object) ignoring any objects between the old and new position. You may even end up inside another object.

By posting this I'm hoping it'll help you with the (new) any% speedruns. Just be respectful towards other players and don't use this in public gaming lobbies. The information may even help you become aware of why you're sometimes pushed out of the boundaries of the map after you've interacted with a shield unit.