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I got myself in a situation where after making my first video I started making a second one before the text box that comes up after you finish your first video. After this I wanted to experiment. So, I bought one of the items that cost 75 views. When the item was shipping I was not able to do anything, I had 10 views left but was not able to play puggle. After the item shipped I was at a dead end because I was early in the game I could only buy stuff (Again I only had 10 views left, I could not afford anything) and I was not able to make any videos. I believe this happens because after you make your first video you are forced to buy the only thing you can afford (The box). However, because this never happened the game was just waiting for me to buy the box. But, at this point that is not able to happen so the game will never progress. I think that this should be a new category (Softlock%) seeing that no one has discovered this yet. If anyone need a video I did record what happened.


Can you contact me on discord