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(Excuse me for my english)
I'm new at speedruning and i start with penumbra, i just whant to know if something exist to remove all the loading screen time at my final time on livesplit. I ask this to avoid manually pausing at each loading screen.
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Salut je suis nouveau dans le speedrun et je commence avec Penumbra(L'émission avec Laink et Hugo m'a vraiment donné envie de commencer). Je fais pas mal de try et je voulais savoir s'il existe un pluggin ou quelque chose dans le genre sur LiveSplit qui retire la totalité du temps des loading screen du jeu, je demande ça pour éviter de faire pause manuellement à chaque fois.
Merci d'avance pour vos réponses !


Hi ! I'm not sure if i must speak english here or not so i will tell you that in english 😉 .
There is actually a load remover which you can activate directly in livesplit. Go to "Edit splits", above the list of your splits you can see "load removal" and you should just have to hit "activate" and the timer should automatically stop during loads.

GL and don't hesitate to join our discord and to contact me if you prefer to speak french 🙂

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Hi, Ty for your reply but it dosen't work for me., i think that's because i haven't the steam version of the game.
I must continue manualy pausing i guess ahah.
Where can i find the community discord link please ?


I'm not sure but i think it only works with the steam version
the discord : https:/​/​www.​discord.​gg/​UpHrzdm


Hi Dino,
The load remover works only on the latest version of the game that's on Steam. I'll try to find older versions of the load remover, but I bet I could get the specific memory offsets needed for the LR by having your version.
You could also just get the steam version (not mandatory for speedrunning here though) for 10 bucks, we all run on it so the runs are more consistent.
If you find your version number that would be great, could help me a lot in researches 🙂