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In light of a recent routing discovery, the official timing method for this game now allows for reloading via the pause menu during runs. This allows the new route to save as much time as possible in Any%, while also making the game more accessible to newer runners who don't want to grind for a single segment run in a game as reset heavy as Black Plague.

Because of this, the official timing method will be the time displayed on Livesplit with the load remover, NOT the In-Game Time displayed at the end of runs.

In addition, some runners have requested a category be made for the usage of Quicksaves and Quickloads (a dev function only usable if enabled in settings.cfg). So the "Quicksaves Allowed", or QSA, misc category has been added. This function allows you to play more risky, and also skip up to 25 seconds worth of cutscenes.

Thanks for reading, good luck on your runs,


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