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Hi, I wonder if someone in this ranking could have an answer on something: I have a very annoying bug that cause my mice to randomly accelerates. If you had this problem and figured out how to solve it, I would really appreciate your method. 🙂


I had the same issue, only thing I found to work was to play on my windows 7 installation instead.


I have the same problem, the acceleration of the mouse is very unpleasant, I feel that it is random depending on PC, my laptop does not have this problem, a solution ?


A solution (found by Hankiou) is to set the mouse to a lower frequency (1k Hz before and 250 Hz now (for me)). The problem do not disappear but its very reduced.

Moreover, when I change my screen (1920x1080) for an other (1680x1050), there is no problem. I think its a problem of resolution and scaling by the game or the system.

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