Setting up Windowed Mode and Quicksave/load in HPL1 (Works for all Penumbra games)

By andyrockin123andyrockin123. Last updated


Navigate to "settings.cfg" here:

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Penumbra\Black Plague

Open this file in the word editing software of your choosing (I recommend notepad++). To enable windowed mode, use ctrl+F to find "Fullscreen", set it to false, then set the desired windowed resolution using the "Screen Width" and "Height" values behind it.

Notes about windowed mode:
You cannot properly alt-tab, or move the window around your screen normally. In addition, if your game crashes, your monitor's gamma will be stuck at whatever you set it to in game. Here are the following work-arounds I have for these issues:

1) To alt-tab, run the game through Steam and use the Steam Overlay (shift+tab), this will allow you to click out of the game.
2) To move the window, load a large map (I use Chem Lab), and during the load screen, hold any input. The window will hopefully say (Not Responding) at the top, at which point you can move it to wherever you want.
3) To fix your gamma after a crash, use the program "f.lux". Simply run it once, then close it to reset your monitor's gamma. (Note that if you try to run the game with f.lux on, your in game gamma settings may not work)

You can download flux here:


In the same "settings.cfg", use ctrl+F to navigate to "AllowQuickSave" and change it to true. You can quicksave in game by pressing F4, and quickload by pressing F5. Note that these functions are not allowed in runs of the game as it is Single Segment only. The quicksave/load keys are not rebindable to my knowledge.