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Category suggestion for beating the entire game. Any%: This includes the 2 pits, the maze and the black pit. Starting from a new save, saves and resets allowed, must be single segment. Timing ends upon victory.

Alt Version: Glitchless any%: No glitches/exploits allowed (Skipping star bit locks, exploiting geometry, clippy, free spring unlocks, etc.)

2nd Category suggestion: 100%: Obtain all skins, furniture, badges, all fp/hp upgrades, ultra hammer + ultra boots, super/ultra rank partners, key items ,completing hard RL and CL pit,, Very Hard RL and CL pit. Complete all achievements and get all star spirits. Time ends upon final collection/achievement/upgrade

Alt Version: Glitchless 100%: Same as 100%, no glitches or exploits allowed.

Power%: Obtain every fp/hp ugrade, ultra boots/ultra hammer and ultra rank partners. Time ends upon collecting final upgrade.

IL Leaderboard: Both pits, difficulty collumn for both. Normal/hard/very hard

(If full game categories are added.)


@PrismLXPrismLX free spring unlocks? do tell!

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