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I wanted to ask a few questions about the run as it catched my interest.
First and foremost, why is Ps2 FDS banned?
Furthermore, as that is usually something that is allowed: Which version is the one that is used for runs?


sup desa3579 emeraldsword and i agreed together that we don'T like this entire thing about hardware advantage like playing ps1 games on ps2 hardware with faster speed so we decided to keep it like that unless the game would catch more interest overall.

NTSC american version most likely or the japanese version (only difference is that one enemy in the second desert stage is missing in the JAP version and that the character models look different)


You do realise that emulators are pretty inaccurate and with a better PC you could just have a lower loadtimes, right? 😃
The hardware "advantage" is more like a uniformity, not advantage.

Oh, so I guess between PAL and NTSC there isn't a real difference.