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I wanted to ask a few questions about the run as it catched my interest.
First and foremost, why is Ps2 FDS banned?
Furthermore, as that is usually something that is allowed: Which version is the one that is used for runs?


sup desa3579 emeraldsword and i agreed together that we don'T like this entire thing about hardware advantage like playing ps1 games on ps2 hardware with faster speed so we decided to keep it like that unless the game would catch more interest overall.

NTSC american version most likely or the japanese version (only difference is that one enemy in the second desert stage is missing in the JAP version and that the character models look different)


You do realise that emulators are pretty inaccurate and with a better PC you could just have a lower loadtimes, right? 😃
The hardware "advantage" is more like a uniformity, not advantage.

Oh, so I guess between PAL and NTSC there isn't a real difference.


And you do realize that whining and playing a smartass is quite stupid, right?
Also, the "better PC" equals faster loading times is, or atleast mostly false, which i will address.
Let me first go into why exactly we decided upon forbidding FDS in the Pandemonium speedruns.
Way back then, when we met each other, did some runs together and eventually got administrative rights for the Pandemonium! section and practically "founded" the Pandemonium! speedruns community, we were talking about all sorts of things, like categories, other various rules and FDS aswell.
We wanted this game to get more attention and i can surely say that we did try and even had a couple of runners gotten temporarly interested in the game, but they've all quitted eventually.
Now, the reason why FDS was/is forbidden, was quite simply put- because we did not have a PS2 at that time.
We were talking about if the FDS-ban should be a thing or not, but decided that it would be the best thing to just keep it clean and run it the old fashioned way (the way it was intended, since it is a PS1 game, not PS2 or an hybrid).
This way, no one would have an unfair advantage over the other and with it, not alienating potentional new runners, who don't have access to a PS2 system aswell.
Because let's face it, it is unfair and a WR done with FDS against a non-FDS run, won't prove jackshit. FDS would ultimately allow more room for mistakes and reward you with a WR even if you played worse.
Listen, i haven't seriously touched this game since i uploaded my latest run and couldn't care less about FDS or whatever, im just tired of seeing people who are supposedly interested in the game, that are like "oh, i'll run the game for sure", then continuing making forumposts demanding the FDS-ban to be lifted and basically never even running the game/submitting a time in the first place.

>The hardware "advantage" is more like a uniformity, not advantage
It literally is non-uniformity, since you are saving time in each loading screen compared to the ones who aren't using FDS. How is that uniformity? Lmao

And now i will quickly adress your faulty argument that "better PC" means faster loading times, which is false, unless you have a PC from the early 2k's that struggles to maintain the fps.
As long as you use the epsxe emulator, the loading times should be universally the same in almost all cases. I even tested this on the epsxe emulator for android, which had the same loading time as my runs and those of ZockerStu.
Unless it's a complete coincidence, this alone disproves your argument. Also if you look at AmaraSpeedruns's run, the loading times are exactly the same. THAT is uniformity.
I can't however say that this goes for other lesser known emulators, so i give you that one.
Maybe this should have been adressed on the rules to avoid misunderstanding. I am aware that there might(!) be some emulators that have faster/slower loading times.
But since epsxe is the most common one, we really weren't thinking about it too much (i didn't) and thought it would be common use to play on the epsxe when it comes down to PSX emulators, which im sure is the case, generally speaking.

Regarding your last point, yes there are differences between PAL and NTSC.
PAL is basically the same as JPN without the playermodels. An example would be the cannon on the last boss, which fires unique projectiles (both, cannon and boss) only be seen in that last fight in both PAL and JPN, whereas on the US version it is a regular fireball.
And as Zockerstu has already stated, there is one less enemy in lvl 8 and AFAIK, this is the case in the PAL version too, but im not entirely sure. It basically comes down to preference, no version has actual advantages over the other.

To close this off, if ZockerStu doesn't have any objections for a new category, i would be okay with opening a section specifically for PS2 FDS runs, that way no one should feel left out.

That's my statement regarding this whole thing about the FDS, as you weren't the only one demanding it to get lifted.

Good luck.

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