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Are carried over Personas allowed to be used on the save since its NG+?
What does it mean by Timer stops at NG+ save?
By True Ending does it mean maxing all Social Links or just beating Nyx?


I would assume personas are allowed, but someone else ought to verify.
Timer stops at NG+ save means that you stop the time when saving your file after having watched the end credits.
True ending just means beating Nyx.

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Got one more question now, does the 'timer start at power on' mean when you turn on the console/emulator?


Yes, or if using a PS3 it starts when you select the game on the main console menu.

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This game wasn't released for Playstation 3, its vanilla Persona 3.


There ¤are¤ backwards compatible PS3s. They're normally banned for speedrunning, but MLSTRM isn't technically wrong.