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I was practicing for the Chapter 1 - 100% category when I accidentally found this glitch. As you can see, I go back to the menu and when I press the level 1, I found myself in level 21 (1st of 2nd chapter). Despite being in level 31, the pause menu still shows that I am at level 1. When I reach the goal, level 2 of chapter 1 loads normally.
I've got a lot of questions without answer still (What caused that glitch? How can it be used in the Any% category? Can it be done consistently?) so I'm gonna experiment with it some time.

Also I would like to ask you mods if you think a run that replaces a level with another with the same name should be accepted (theoretically you still clear all levels of the chapter)


I've been exploring the glitch and I don't see any consistent way of reproduce it. I got it a few times (in the playlist above I upload all the times I get it) and this is the conclutions I've reached:
-To get the glitch, you have to press the level button the first working frame (there are a few frames in which you can see the menu but you can't press anything)
-The warp brings you to the same level in the next chapter, but in the pause menu the name doesn't change
-When you end the (wrong) level, the (correct) next level is loaded


Looks really interesting! I would love a cool warp glitch for this game and looks like you've found one potentially if a consistent set up could be found.

You raise some good moderation topics. My gut instinct would be to allow, unless it could be used for most of the levels. I'll make you mod as you are clearly active in the game.


Hey D.E.M.O !
I think that this glitch is because you click a lot of time on the level 1 button (I suppose). But, when the level one is loading and you press an other time on the level 1 (which is currently invisible) the game don't know what level did you press and the game try to load one of all level 1 that you have already done. Sometimes it is the one from the first world, sometimes it is the second world. It stills be an hypotesis but this is the most possible on 😉


I agree with the desition of allowing this glitch, as it only allows you to go to a further chapter and usually it means longer levels, so there are not many levels where this can be used. Also I haven't found any consistent way to do the glitch, so it takes me arround 5 minutes to get it (clearly not fast enough to be useful in a run).

The explanation @Goudurix gives would seem reasonable, but the first time I got the glitch I only pressed the level once (I pressed several times pause, but i don't think it affects the glitch as later I am able to do the glitch without pause). Anyway I don't have any explanation for it.

Ps. Thanks for adding me as a mod


Ok guys, I've been trying this glitch in many more situations and I have more information to share with you:

-Doing the glitch in heart chapter shows an error message and close the app, forcing you to restart again

-Doing the glitch in Chapter 2 send you to Chapter 3. Nerly sure that doing it at chapter 3 sends you to chapter 4 and doing it at chapter 4 sends you to chapter 5 (although I haven't tried it yet). Not sure of how in will behabe at chapter 5 (probably sends you to chapter 1 or shows an error message)

-Grabbing a paintbrush in the wrong level counts as if it was grabbed at the correct level. For example, I haven't grabbed the level 21 paintbrush yet, but with the WWG I can access level 41 as if it was level 21, grab a paintbrush there and end the level. Then, it will count as if it was caught at level 21. Probably it works with the time too, but haven't checked it yet.

-You can't do the WWG if you haven't unlocked the level which is 20+ that the one you're accessing. For example, if I haven't unlocked level 50, I can't do the WWG at level 30. I'm not 100% sure of this, but have been working on it for a long time without results.

This is all the new information I got, probably I'll come with more soon

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I've been working on adding the glitch in a run. Nowadays, I can do the glitch about the 20% of the times. Each try takes arround 3-4 seconds. In chapter 1 it has no practical use, as all levels are faster than their counterparts. However, in chapter 2 it can be used to save a lot of time in level 29. This level is really slow and takes about 30 seconds to reach the goal. Level 49 has an eazy skip and can be cleared in barely 3 seconds, which seems a really big time save. For the rest of the chaper I think the glitch can't be used in any other way.

Btw, more things i've discovered about the glitch:
-It can be used in boss levels the same way than in normal levels
-Rarely you can get the opposite glitch: the level loads normally but in the pause menu it says that it is 20 levels more (unfortunately I have no video showing it)


I recorded the glitch as if I were speedrunning it and at first try it took me less than 15 seconds to end the level 29, which is 10 seconds faster than Goudurix's time in his Chapter 2 WR. This glitch has a lot of potential and probably will be very useful in further chapters.


Awesome work DEMO, this has so much potential.


OK this glitch is weirdier than I was expecting. I was just practicing for chapter 1 Any% and I made a mistake, so I went back to the level select screen normally. I started level 1 without any difference but when I entered the portal, I was warped to level 37. When I ended the level, level 38 started.
So as you may notice what happened this time is very different to the normal WWG
-I did not trigger the glitch by clicking the level the first possible frame
-The level I loaded normally; it was when I entered the portal that the glitch happened
-The distance warped changed from 20 to 36
-The warp was not only for a level, it was a full teleport with no way back

The normal WWG and this glitch are so different that make me think they are actually different glitches. I will call it Wrong Teleport Glitch or WTG to distinguish it. Differently to WWG, I have absolutely no idea of what caused the glitch, and it have no practical use in speedrun (as it teleports you to another level instead of changing the room design, it doesn't make you clear the level which you theoreticaly had to go).
Anyway, that's all I can say at the moment. I won't spent as much time on this glitchas in the other because 1- I have no idea of how to cause this glitch 2- It can't be used in a speedrun. If you have any idea about it, don't doubt to answer this thread


Jeez, looks like the level select has a few holes in the coding! Hopefully inadvertent wtg won't kill too many good runs. Nice researching!