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I used (great site, btw, highly recomend it, useful for speedrun comparisons) to see what the difference was between the old any% and 100% records and the current ones. I found that the in-game time shown at the end of the new ones seems to be wrong somehow.

Here's the side by side viewsync of the any% runs, synced to start at the exact same time:

You can see that flowers's run finishes quite a bit earlier and it's clearly faster than Entuous's. Yet Entuous's IGT is 2.5s lower?

A similar thing happens on the 100% comparison:

Granted, Entuous does clearly finish it faster in this case, but only by 15s (ish) and not 28s (ish) as the in-game times say.

This is not to attack the current wrs. Entuous seems legit I guess, though I admit I'm a complete outsider to speedrunning this game and this little sub niche of Just wanted to post this to maybe bring attention to this discrepancy. Maybe y'all already noticed it, I don't know.

TL;DR: emulator in-game times on the new WRs seem off? Real time shows clear difference and comparing old web runs times to new emu runs times seems an unfair comparison? Maybe I'm just missing something cause I'm a total noob? Sorry for bothering.

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That's actually pretty interesting. It may be a difference in how the timer works, or many an FPS issue?


This is very interesting. Thank you for the post! We'll definitely have to figure out the discrepancy with the timer.


what's this offline client and where do I get it?