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Full-Game: Cold Shadow
IL: Bar_Ben YouTube Platformer
Speed Scratcher
Virtual Bakery
Blocky Climb
Extra Games: Virtual Among Us Pop It (PC)/(Mobile)

Changes to Ninja Cat 2

Ninja Cat 2 has been made a full game category. The category structure has also been changed so that each level has been an Any% category and 100% category. Have fun!

Isolation Removal

Isolation has been removed in favor of a full leaderboard:

Jumper Removal

Jumper has been removed from the full-game boards in favor of a page dedicated to it. Submit your runs here:

More new games

Games that have been added since previous post:
Full-game: Faaaantastic!, Gobo Evolution, Santa Dash 2, and The Official Longest Platformer
ILs: Car Game and Imagine a Bus
Extra games: none

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