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Would MQ any% be a category since it is a bit harder than the normal any%, with mirrored world and different dungeons, or would it be too similar to the normal any%?

I know almost nobody would run this, but it is still a good question (I think).


Any% on MQ would be much easier because you can get bombs immediately in DC. People can run it if they want but it's completely uninteresting


Can we make MQ Any% a thing please. I wanted to make Ocarina Of Time 3D Master Quest a Thing of it's own but I've been rejected more then once


I also think it would be a fun idea to make MQ categories. Partly because it comes with every copy of the game now and is more relevant, but also because oot3d is right now not very active, and it could be a fun way to breath new life into the game.

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I submitted a MQ3D run a few days ago. I'm grinding it out right now, but the run is more proof of concept. AD can get below 2:30:00. It'd be cool to see some more people running MQ. The mirroring is easy to overcome.