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So I want to have MQ Any% on the Leaderboard because the people here on won't let me make the Master Quest 3D a Leaderboard of it's own so can we please put the MQ Any%?


Two big reasons why we did not add MQ Any% to the leaderboards:
1. There was no interest with the category for a very long time, including myself who originally started playing on MQ for this game,
2. The two MQ categories currently on the leaderboards can be highly distinguished from vanilla OoT3D categories. MQ Any%'s biggest difference now at least is the bombchus early route, before that the route was exactly the same for a very long time. In addition, Jabu chus are slower for MQ Any% as well.
If we were to add MQ Any% to the leaderboards, most people would not run it no matter what we'd do because it's so similar to oot3d any% and the big difference is the addition of the cucco seamwalk, which most people don't like to do.
Also a fun fact, we had two different MQ categories on this leaderboard for a couple years, DDM (All Dungeons and Dungeon Skulltulas) and 100%. We actually only had one run on those two categories throughout that timespan, and so we switched the categories to the newer ones (All Dungeons and Glitchless), which have done a much better job getting people interested in doing runs.