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Hey guys, does anyone have or know of a list of most/all of the known DHWW locations? Mostly just curious. Thanks.


A good starting point is to look at this table: The FFF0 column represents DHWW. On the right hand side is where to set Farore's Wind (the area, and which entrance to that area), and the left side tells you where that warp will take you (area and from which entrance).

Note that by using Farore's Wind, you preserve the coordinates of the entrance that you set it at, and so you are not guaranteed to land in bounds. For certain DHWW's, you can actually go directly to certain areas with directly using FW, such as placing FW in market, warping back in DH to take you to market, and then going through the loading zone towards Hyrule Field to take you to Shadow Temple.

Certain warps also result in a black screen when arriving at the area. You can throw a deku nut to regain visibility if you wish; most of these areas are not useful to go to though, only for fun (such as a beta DMC, for instance).

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