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Hi ? umm I guess I’ll introduce myself first. My Name is Andriana and I’m really new to speed running and the community that surrounds it. I’ve been running oot any% and mm any% on my new 2dsxl for 2 months now and with countless hours practicing FW WW to get the credit skip I’ve been able to get my run time to sub 43 minute for oot. I’m getting a lot better at HESS with bomb drops but my sucess rate is only 60-70ish% best estimate. I definitely have tons of room for improvement. Anyways I really really want to start streaming my runs and have a way to record them but I don’t have any clue how to go about it. I’ve read you need a speacial $400 3ds that has been modified but that isn’t something I can ever afford. If anyone knows of any way I can do this it would be really helpful and mean a lot to me. Sorry if this isnt the right forum for this. I really want to get envolved with the SR community so if this isn't the right place for this type of discussion maybe yall could point me in the right direction?
I live in the Bay Area and there are all kinds of weird electronic shops all around here if that helps?idk? Anyways thanks for taking the time to read this! Sincerely -analogic.

P.s i found a iMac in the trash yesterday and it seems to work. I need to get a mouse ant keyboard its one of the flat skinny ones. Maybe I can use it somehow to stream/ record? Sorry I’m so clueless about all this. Thanks again! ? ❤️ ♥️


Without getting a 3DS capture card (which will cost a few hundred dollars) the only other way to record footage of a 3DS is to point a camera at the console while you play. As long as it’s clear enough and you can hear the game, it should be fine.

Secondary to that is how to setup a stream to Twitch or another service, but that’s better learned from online tutorials as there’s a lot involved with it and describing it here would take quite some time. The general gist is that you need broadcasting software like OBS where you can build your layout. After that you just connect it to your Twitch account so you can stream.

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Timmiluvs isn't right, there is another method to capture the "New" line of 3DS systems but it is frowned upon.

If you softmod your 3DS you can have access to the NTR software which allows you to stream the video of your system to your computer over wifi. It's very unstable and it's frowned upon because it requires unlocking unused cores of the system that artificially speed up load times.

There are runs on this leaderboard that use NTR to capture the footage but if you ever decide to take this game seriously at some point I and every other moderator highly recommend capturing your 3DS with a capture board or a webcam (and no, it doesn't matter how good it looks and we don't need to hear the game).

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Thank you arontoad99 snd timmilvus. I Just found a pretty decent webcam in the trash just a few days ago and it works amazingly! Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a 3ds with a capture card lol 😛 i wish! Btw @arontoad99 Thank you so much for all of your amazing youtube tutorials they have been essential for parts of my runs although I’m actively experimenting with my own routes. I remember trying to do the dodongos cavern twisted flip skip but had no clue what ess what at all so I spent the entire day trying to make it work unsuccessfully. Luckily someone mentioned it in the comments and I was able to learn about ess and how and why it works. The amazing feeling you get and sense of accomplishment when you get a trick/skip for the first time is so incredible and addicting! It never seems to get old the better I get and the more I master oot everything just feel good. Almost like a piano prodigy playing the perfect symphony. Anyways I’m just going on and on..sorry. I just think you’re really cool! ? And I’m incredibly thankful for your help. Feel free to DM me if you have an advice for a novice runner. Meep s^.^s thanks again