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I found a technique to access the temple of time behind the door of time (so where there is the master sword) And I do not see any category on ocarina of time 3d while on ocarina of time on Nintendo 64 there is 😕


Well nobody has done attempts of that I guess. It's not like BotW where getting the master sword takes so much time it's a good speedrun in itself or OoT N64 where it's a very quick run. It's just something no one has timed and done runs of.

If you want to, go ahead. Whether it would become a category here, probably not. The MS RTA for OoT N64 is listed under category extensions, and this game doesn't have a page for that.

The technique is either a FWWW from fire temple to the light Medallion cutscene or more likely a DHWW to market, from which you can get to Temple of Time and be put behind the door. Both of these are already known about, so you didn't 'find' them.

Unless you did find another DoT Skip in which case I want to know what it is.

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Yes I have mis-formulated the question! I meant that I saw a technique to go through the door of time. And I wondered why there would not be a category for it ^^