All Essences in 1h 37m 17s by NitrozNitroz - 2nd place

Submitted by:
NitrozNitroz on
Played on:
Game Boy Color [JPN] ᴇᴍᴜ on
Verified by
mashymashy on


Name Duration Finished at
Gnarled Root Dungeon 5m 07s 000ms 5m 07s
Fertile Soil 3m 37s 000ms 8m 45s
Snake's Remains 6m 03s 000ms 14m 48s
Gift of Time 4m 50s 000ms 19m 39s
Poison Moth's Lair 8m 45s 000ms 28m 24s
Bright Sun 5m 22s 000ms 33m 46s
Unicorn's Cave 6m 41s 000ms 40m 28s
Nurturing Warmth 5m 29s 000ms 45m 57s
Dancing Dragon Dungeon 6m 15s 000ms 52m 12s
Soothing Rain 7m 11s 000ms 59m 24s
Ancient Ruins 5m 27s 000ms 1h 04m 52s
Blowing Wind 6m 45s 000ms 1h 11m 37s
Explorer's Crypt 6m 06s 000ms 1h 17m 43s
Seeds of Life 6m 46s 000ms 1h 24m 30s
Sword & Shield Maze 3m 16s 000ms 1h 27m 46s
Changing Seasons 5m 13s 000ms 1h 33m 00s
Enter Onox 3m 15s 000ms 1h 36m 15s
Should've Played Ages 1m 02s 000ms 1h 37m 18s
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