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Do i need a certain model ps2 to speedrun this game to the fullest.? Or will anything work. I know certain models make certain games load faster. Would like to run original too.

Also do I need a Japanese or English ps2 copy? Idk which is faster


You can play with JP text on the NTSC-U and PAL versions, but it's negligible differences to my knowledge. Just change the language in the options 🙂
And I can't say for model, I've used a 90k and a 70k PS2 and had no issues with either. But haven't researched if one was faster.

Mostly models tend to affect PSX titles more than PS2. I'd recommend a slim, mind.

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Ima just get a slim 5000 series cause I wanna run a JRPG as well. And they told me this one

Thanks for the info though