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Will be listing adjustments made to the page here.


  • Changed category name from "HD Remaster (PS4, Xbox One Switch)" to "HD Remaster (Console)
  • Added 100% (S-rank) subcategory
  • Adjusted some theme coloring
  • New icons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places (courtesy of LonerHero)
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  • Added new Variable of 'Oni Spirits'
  • Submit to the version of the game you're playing on.

Rather than making a level leaderboard, as it contained all the variables on it, convoluting the leaderboard further.



  • Leaderboard re-hauled
  • The rules has also been updated
  • Timer method switched from IGT to RTA
  • Moved Oni Spirits to IL board
  • Platforms are merged
  • Adjusted theme background to match the theme

In PS2 IGT is bound to the in-game fps. However, after further investigation and discussion within the community:

IGT has proven to be a mess and should not fit to the standard. It mostly just queries IGT at the end result screen, instead of tracking it through the whole game. Furthermore, having to pb by over a minute each time to get an actual pb from IGT is just absurd. Eventually, it just won't reflect how optimized the top times are.

IGT is now irrelevant, however we still need the result screen for verification purpose.

Happy Running!

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  • Added Genma version category in the miscellaneous (Any% and 100%). Will be moved into the main category if the amount of runners increase.
  • Added Xbox and X360 platforms due to Genma version

Onimusha: Warlords was ported to the Xbox in 2002 under the title Genma Onimusha. The key differences between this and the original version are:

[quote=NeoStrayCat]- Cutscene skips

  • Green Souls to absorb, up to five, activating it will make you invulnerable for a set amount of time and will heal you slowly, getting more green souls will keep the activation going until then. However, the green souls will make enemies stronger and may have a new attack or 2.
  • Chargeable weapon attacks (up to Level 3) for strong slashes.
  • All 3 orbs and their weapons are enhanceable together rather than separate. In order to use their Level 2 and 3 magic attacks, you have to hold down the magic attack button.
  • Slightly different enemy placements, certain items have been moved around, and there are 30 fluorite to collect instead of 20.
  • 4 different types of armour instead of 3.
  • 2 different Dark Realms in the Keep (10 floors) and in the Well (20 floors). (Instead of just the same 20 floor DR in both areas.)
  • 1 new rounded area on your way to a bridge you can cut, and the entrance (plus areas) to the Ogre Tower right where the Decorated Sword should be is now available (Though you need the Secret Key in the Keep Dark Realm to access it), beat the Ogre Tower boss to earn the Ogre Armor.
  • 2 new enemies, the Doll (which can take a lot of hits) and the Wisps (similar like Stylazo [Samanouske Copy] but with flames in armor)
  • Hard Mode is an unlockable. Original Onimusha doesn't have a Hard Mode. [/quote]

Other than that, the rest of the game is just the same as the original. It is not worth to have Genma version as a separate page just because for a few differences.

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  • Added china region so that people can submit Onimusha 2003 PC runs

There was once an abandonware version non-steam PC back in 2003 that lets you skip any and all cut scenes which was only released in China and Russia. Plays much similar to original PS2 version.

After various test and work within the community. Jadusable2 and myself finally managed to get this port working smoothly. Please refer to the resource page.

Verification for each runs will be on-hold until most runners are able to use this port without any issues.

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  • Separated Onimusha PC 2003 version and HD Remaster from the board

There was discussion within the community in discord regarding PC 2003 advantage and why it should be separated from the HD remaster and such. A lot of agreement and disagreement happened, which led to creating this poll.

As per the results of the polls, I have put each Onimusha 1 versions (besides HD Remaster and PS2) under their own sub-categories. Genma Onimusha is no longer in miscellaneous.

  • Updated 100% rule to avoid confusion

There was clarification question regarding 100% category specifically on rosary and staff of vision. Those are needed yes.

All other collectable items such as rosary and staff of vision are also required to complete the run.

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  • Removed Genma version as sub-category

I have created separate board to avoid the category clutters in the original version.

The main reason for this is how Ultimate works in that version. Instead of Ultimate being its own diffculity. It's a game mode. This is not the same with the Warlords. There is no Hard diffculity in Warlords either.

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